The Widewalls Collection – D*Face

December 23, 2013

This week we have a beautiful new piece in our collection to present to you: The American Depress card by D*Face. The American Depress card is one of D*Face signature pieces, however the red Plexiglas is a new choice of medium for the British street artist. This urban artwork measures 90cm in width and 60 cm in height. It weighs practically nothing because of the use of Plexiglass. We f***king love it, especially on the black wall it has a striking effect. What might be difficult to read are the credit card numbers, in the case of the D*Face American Depress these “numbers” read “Sign Your Life Away”. Smart, brilliant and exactly what we expected when we ordered this magnificent piece of art from Mr. D*Face. Thank you very much and by the way the American Depress got the best position in the flat: Above the mixer.

American Depress

The Widewalls Collection
American Depress by D*Face

The Widewalls Collection
Your Name Here:D*Face 2013

D*Face - Background

D*Face is one of the most prolific contemporary urban artists of his generation. Working with a variety of mediums and techniques, he uses a family of dysfunctional characters to satirise and hold to ransom all that falls into their grasp - a welcome jolt of subversion in today's media-saturated environment.

D*Face – The Message

His aim is to encourage the public not just to 'see', but to look at what surrounds them and their lives, reflecting our increasingly bizarre fascination for with celebrity, fame, consumerism and materialism, re-thinking, reworking and subverting imagery drawn from a refuge of decades of materialistic consumption, imagery appropriated from currency, advertising, comic books, these now iconic motifs, cultural figures and genres are subverted to comment upon our conspicuous society.

D*Face - Collaborations

Past examples include his collaboration with H.R.H Queen Elizabeth II on a series of bank notes that were put into circulation for an unsuspecting public to notice in their change. Then, to commemorate the instatement of Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican commissioned D*Face to paint a portrait. The piece was shown for the first time at the Outside Institute in May 2005, as well as on MTV Rome, to critical acclaim.


D*Face uses the term  - aPOPcalyptic -  to define his work, a metaphorical backdrop for the corruptive persuasive consumerist folly that has been force fed into our society, a blend of 'pop art' spliced with fragility of life, his work reflects our popular culture encompassing the American dream and the false ideal of 'good' triumphing over 'evil', no longer relevant in todays society. His imagery delivers the viewer a moral dilema, embrace or reject, laugh or deny.

D*Face – Mixed Media

His work can be seen across a variety of different media applying his playful, tongue-in-cheek imagery with anti establishment values, he was also one of fifty artists commissioned to create a 50th anniversary Penguin book cover and is the only urban artist to date to be featured on the front cover of the fine art publication Art Review. His sell out solo shows 'Death & Glory', 'EyeCons', 'aPOPcalypse now', 'All your Dreams Belong to Us' along with last years Los Angeles show 'Going Nowhere Fast', which included his largest mural to date, and 'Burn Brighter' his debut Australian show have firmly founded D*Face's presence within the global contemporary art market whilst retaining his notoriety. His work regularly sells at Christies, Sothebys and Bonhams auction houses and yet he still continues to put his work illegally into the public domain, and as such has extensively traveled the world showing and disseminating his artwork.

StolenSpace Gallery

In 2005 D*Face set up the gallery 'StolenSpace', which continues to be Londons foremost contemporary urban art gallery. In 2010 he created the artwork for Christina Aguilera's number one selling album 'Bionic', Christina has been a long time collector of D*Face's work.  2011 marked a busy year for D*Face, between his two solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and Melbourne he found time to make a return visit to the Ridiculous Pool in San Bernardino, where he debuted a unique technique combining his love of skateboarding with live painting. The event was filmed and has since been featured on websites and TV shows around the globe, to date it has received 880,691 independent views on youtube, a figure that keeps climbing, seemingly along side D's restless ambitions and popularity.


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