Widewalls Collection – Zadok

March 17, 2014

‘Fancy Dressers’ by Zadok is one of our most recent acquisitions for the Widewalls Collection. The artwork is painted with oil on canvas. This is already uncharacteristic for Zadok’s work, the imagery even more so. For most Zadok is identified with the monstrous gorge on the doorway or the alien invasion on Redchurch Street in London. Delicate bird studies however are not what you’d expect but what you marvel upon.  This bird study triptych features three flamboyant species of nature’s finest fancy dressers. Capturing their majestic beauty, intriguing characteristics, and the vivid splendor of their multi-colored plumage. Carefully considered volumes of color complement the negative spaces of the white background, blending into a blurred horizon line that links the paintings together. The bird on the left is a Crowned Crane, the birds in the middle are Macaws and the blue bird on the right is named Tanagra. Each painting is 120 cm x 90 cm.

The Widewalls Collection
Zadok - Fancy Dressers

 Zadok’s Words

“Birds have emerged as a main focus of my work over the past year.  It all started as a series of detailed monochrome sketches to develop realism in my work and compile an image library of various subjects but I quick became fixated on birds.  Pencil sketches progressed to full colour spray painted pieces on walls and multi-media canvases.  The more I painted the more stylised the birds became drifting further from original references. This commission was a chance to return to a more traditional style but with slight hints of a graffiti influence. The oils allowed me to get smoother blends and varied feather textures I could not have achieved with spray paint…..but was infinitely more time consuming!”

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Belgrade, Serbia