October 17, 2013

Young New Yorkers is a restorative justice, arts program for 16- and 17-year-olds who have open criminal cases. The criminal court gives eligible defendants the option to participate in Young New Yorkers rather than do jail time, community service and have a lifelong criminal record. The curriculum is uniquely tailored to develop the emotional and behavioral skills of the young participants while facilitating responsible and creative self-expression. Central to the curriculum is the concept of taking responsibility for past actions as a necessary step before becoming valued members and even leaders of one’s community. Each workshop is framed by a relevant theme: community; choice; accountability; responsibility; contribution; leadership. These themes are explored, as they relate to each participant, in conversation with the group and through art exercises utilizing photography, video, illustration, and design.In New York State, 16- and 17-year-olds are prosecuted as adults, exposing them to life-long criminal records and periods of incarceration in adult prison facilities. Rather than act as a deterrent to youth crime, this manner of prosecuting adolescents has been shown to inflate the chances of recidivism and give impetus to more serious crimes.
A series of six intensive, hands-on workshops prepares the participants to design a public art installation that expresses a positive social message of their choice. Local artists join each workshop and assist the participants in weekly art projects. The weekly artworks and the final installation design are then presented to the public at the Young New Yorkers Finale. The Finale allows the participants to experience themselves as worthy, creative contributors to their communities.
The Young New Yorkers is supported by Brooklyn Defender Services and administered through the ADP initiative at the Red Hook Community Justice Center. Upon completion of the Young New Yorkers workshops, the participants avoid serving any jail time and, in most cases, have their criminal charges dismissed and sealed, leaving their young lives uninhibited by an adult criminal record.


October 16, 6-10pm
Allegra La Viola Gallery
179 East Broadway
New York, Ny 10002

Contributing Artists for The Young New Yorkers auction

Alice Mizrachi, Alice Pasquini, Aliza Nisenbaum, Anthony Lister, Ariana Barat, ASVP, Axel Void, A Squid Called Sebastian, Bishop 203, Beau Stanton, Cake, Chris Stain, ChrisRWK, ColWallnuts, COST, Darnell Scott, El Sol 25, Elian, Elle Deadsex, Ellis Gallagher, ENX, Erik Savage, Enzo & Nio, Essam, Ever, Ezra Tessler, Fkdl, Fran Friday, Gaia, Gilf!, Hanksy, Hellbent, Ian Kuali'l, Icy & Sot, Jamie Kimak, James Sexer Rodriguez, Jeremy Willis, Jesse Hazelip, Jill Cohen, Jilly Balistic, Joe Iurato, Jon Burgerman, Jonathan Rosen, Leon Reid IV, LNY, Luis Zimad Lamboy, Logan Hicks, Magdalena Marcenaro, Mata Ruda, Nanook, Nathan Pickett, ND'A, Nether, Never 2501, Nosego, Olek, Pastel, Pixel Pancho, Ricardo Cabret, ROA, Rodolfo Diaz, Royce Bannon, Rubin 415, Sean Lugo, See One, She One, Shepard Fairey, Sonni, Stephen ESPO Powers, Steven Holl, Swoon, Tom Smith, Trek Mathews, UR New York, Vahge, Vexta, Yulia Pinkusevich, Xam Bot

The work collected here is a reflection of the artists' generosity and social awareness when it comes to bettering their environment.

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