Thierry Geoffroy Colonel Exhibition is Opening at Kalashnikovv Berlin

October 25, 2016

Since 1988, Thierry Geoffroy Colonel has been using art to create awareness about social dysfunctions. The severe migrant crisis, accompanied by the increasing xenophobia, served as the base for his latest exhibition. The upcoming Recent Works - A retrospective exhibition of the now solo show will present a series of works made just few weeks ago, alongside several older artworks. By showcasing the unique mix of fresh and earlier pieces, the exhibition simultaneously deals with events that have long passed and are impossible to influence on, but also with the problems that are current and that we can react to and solve.

2007 Venice biennalist Thierry Goeffroy wrote an exhibition manifest in Denmark in 1989
Thierry Goeffroy Colonel - Measurement of the Cultural Distance

Recent Works by Thierry Geoffroy Colonel

Thematically, Recent Works - A retrospective exhibition of the now explores the connection between war, global refugee crisis, and xenophobia. Warcraft inevitably leads to growing number of refugees arriving at European countries. Although they came in search of safety and a better life, they more often than not encounter growing xenophobia, isolation, and fear. A clear distinction, and in many cases animosity, between "us" (the local population) and "them" (the refugees) results in the increased investments in the war industry, while simultaneously areas such as education and culture are experiencing financial cut downs. But the expanded war efforts result in even more refugees thus creating a circle of events that leads to more control and mutual hate.

Artist's odd formats including Emergency Room format were shown at PS1 MoMa and ZKM museum in 2011
Left : Thierry Geoffroy Colonel - Question the Emotion Makers and Their Intentions / Right : Thierry Geoffroy Colonel - Question the Emotion Makers and Their Intentions

Questioning the Notion of Time

Thierry Geoffroy Colonel's latest exhibition twists the concept of time by encompassing the adverb that resides between the present and the past. We can even say that it represents a unique, stretched out version of the present. The exhibition examines the idea of the present itself through the prism of both current, past and future military conflicts. The show is particularly focused on the relationship between the media, the warcraft and the decision making. By presenting numerous scenes of war, the artist questions the idea of public participation in international politics and wonders whether the public has any say in these conflicts whatsoever. In many situations, when the news report states that the war is about to start, it has in fact already started and there's nothing anyone can do to prevent it. It is this illusion of newness that provides the society with the false belief that they have impact on the political decisions.

Colonel's penetration format was featured at Emergency Room and 2007 Venice Biennial where he was a biennalist
Thierry Geoffroy Colonel - Welcome Cheap Workers

Presenting the Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Streaming Biennale

Recent Works - A retrospective exhibition of the now, solo show by Thierry Geoffroy Colonel will be on view from October 27th till November 27th, 2016 in The Kalashnikovv Galerie in Berlin. The exhibition will include a series of works done in a variety of media such as textiles, cartons, paper but also on unusual materials like tents. On the opening night the French-Danish artist will conduct a guided tour for the Berlin gallery's visitors and answer questions about the artworks. Additionally, during the exhibition a talk about CUSB - Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Streaming Biennale will be held. This new biennale that's founded by the artist himself and curator Tijana Miskovic is questioning the notion of time and is based on Thierry Geoffroy Colonel's art.

Featured images : Thierry Geoffroy Colonel - The emergency Will Replace the Contemporary; Uncertainty has been Designed; Trop Tard; Ready to Cry with Good Conscious; Question the Emotion makers and-their Intentions; Fear the Fear Makers; Artwork by Thierry Geoffroy Colonel. All images courtesy of The Galleri Kalashnikovv

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