Thinkspace at Hashimoto

October 29, 2014

When it comes to events which celebrate the culture of street and urban art, California is one of the regions where everything that we have come to appreciate within the vastness of contemporary art comes to life. If one was only to look at Culver City, along with the wider area of Los Angeles and the city of San Francisco, one would already find an abundance of possibilities when it comes to inspiring gallery spaces. This Halloween, and all the way through the month of November, we are in for a treat – Thinkspace Gallery and Hashimoto Contemporary have something special in store for art lovers…

Thinkspace at Hashimoto

Hashimoto Contemporary

As time goes by, Hashimoto Contemporary is proving that there are cultural institutions which work toward a goal of nurturing a strong devotion to notions of street and urban art. The activities of this gallery make contribute to making San Francisco one of the most inviting cultural spaces when it comes to contemporary art. In the words of Ken Harman, director and owner of sister gallery Spoke Art, building a gallery space is process powered by enthusiasm and active collaboration with talented artists, both established and emerging ones. In most recent period, this autumn, Hashimoto Contemporary has had an interesting period of inspiring exhibitions: Widewalls community is certainly familiar with successful exhibitions such as The Pinks 2 and I Am Another Yourself. The collaboration with Thinkspace gallery, which is scheduled to launch on Halloween, promises to be an exciting one…

Thinkspace at Hashimoto
Nosego, artwork (segment)

Thinkspace presents LAX / SFO

The pop-up group exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary, which is to be crated by Thinkspace gallery, aspires to pay tribute to the extraordinary worlds of comics, pop culture imagery, illustration, graffiti and street art… The show titled LAX / SFO will feature 14x14 inch new works from sixty artists from various corners of the globe. The organizers are encouraging prospective visitors to come to the opening receptions on October 31st and November 1st in costumes. The show will run form October 31st until November 22nd 2014 and it will include the participation of following artists: Lindsey Carr, Linnea Strid, Liz Brizzi, Luke Chueh, Mark Dean Veca, Meggs, Mia Araujo, Nosego, Rodrigo Luff, Ryan Hewett, Sandra Chevrier, Sarah Joncas, Sean Mahan, Seth Armstrong, So Youn Lee, Stephanie Buer, Syd Bee, Tran Nguyen, Troy Coulterman, Troy Lovegates, Valentin Fischer, Victor Grasso, Yosuke Ueno, N.S. David, Paul Romano, Redd Walitzki, Christine Wu, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Cryptik, Curiot, Adam Caldwell, Alex Yanes, Erik Siador, Esao Andrews, Glenn Arthur, Jacub Gagnon, bumblebeelovesyou, Carl Cashman, Casey Weldon, Joanne Nam, Kari-Lise Alexander, Karla Ortiz, Ken Flewellyn, Allison Sommers, Amanda Marie, Jim Houser, Jeff Ramirez, Jeremy Fish, Amy Sol, Anthony Clarkson, Bec Winnel, Brian Mashburn, Brian M. Viveros, Dave MacDowell, EINE, David Cooley, Erik Jones, Jeremy Hush, Kwanchai Moriya and Kikyz 1313.

Thinkspace at Hashimoto
Joanne Nam, artwork (segment)

Thinkspace at Hashimoto
Mia Araujo, artwork (segment)

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