Transparent Landscapes

September 20, 2014

The artist Thomas Canto draws his inspiration from his memories and his meetings with the city and its inhabitants adding to it his own style, with the greatest accuracy, patience and attention to detail. His new solo show “Transparent Landscapes” at Atelier des Bains in Geneva is a continuation of Canto’s work on the volume of his paintings inspired by urban architecture and perspective. Canto’s personal vision of the environment goes out of the frame with lines that escape the canvas, creating works halfway between painting and sculpture. Fond of precision work and keen on pure aesthetics, Thomas Canto adds more technical details to his already complex graphics works.

Thomas Canto - Coordynation 2014

3-D Art

“Transparent Landscapes” is Canto’s first exhibition entirely dedicated to the 3D work. The visual effects proposed by this new series of works are the result of overlapping techniques producing mixing and overlapping levels of reading. By the skillfully calculated use of new materials such as Plexiglas and cables, he produces optical illusions, which vary according to the point of view. These experimental boxes are as many windows one can look through in order to discover his universe, where infinity goes from black to white. Thomas Canto’s imaginary urban landscapes take place in the middle of a limitless space in which orientation is no more possible.

Thomas Canto - Square Variations 2014

Thomas Canto - Moonrise 2014

Graffiti and Op-Art

With this new plastic proposal, the artist writes a synthesis of the various movements that inspire him. One can find the dynamism of the graffiti, the radical compositions of the constructivists or the supremacists or even the visual and kinetic effects peculiar to Op-art. Thomas Canto’s work position, situated at the crossroads between all of his researches, gives him a unique and brand new identity.

“Transparent Landscapes” remains on view until November 15 at Atelier des Bains in Geneva.

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