Three Women Exhibition at Anna Zorina Gallery - Nadine Faraj, Alonsa Guevara, Patty Horing

August 30, 2015

Anna Zorina Gallery in New York was founded with the vision of presenting latest artistic endeavors of American and international artists whose artistic practice is dedicated to the exploration of positive and joyful imagery. The Three Women exhibition is to bring a true celebration of life, seen from the unique feminine perspective of three contemporary artists: Nadine Faraj, Alonsa Guevara and Patty Horing. The Three Women group exhibition displays an array of impressive works in the recognizable style of each artist, investigating concepts of identity, human relationships and social contexts.

Anna Zorina Gallery
Left: Nadine Faraj - Too Wonderful II, 2015. Watercolor on paper - 30 x 22 inches / Right: Alonsa Guevara - Fruit Portrait #10, 2014. Oil on canvas - 16 inches diameter

Meet the Artists

So who are the three women exhibiting at Anna Zorina Gallery in September? Patty Horing, New York-based artist is focused on exploring the psychological and narrative concepts of portraiture. Throughout her expressionistic painting practice, she aspires to discover and bring to canvas those essential qualities of one’s identity which grants her paintings the emotional depth and intimacy resulting in empathetic reactions from the viewers. Alonsa Guevara is a Chilean-born artist who currently works in New York. The childhood spent in Ecuadorian jungle resulted in the fascination with nature and exotic landscapes which Guevara vividly transfers onto her artworks with a spectacular outcome. The third women artist is Montreal-based Nadine Faraj. The diluted colors of her paintings give them a unique effect of dynamism and playfulness achieved through her masterful usage of the watercolor medium.

Anna Zorina Gallery
Left: Nadine Faraj - The Heart is Right, 2015. Watercolor on paper - 30 x 22 inches / Right: Nadine Faraj - Tired of Speaking Sweetly, 2015. Watercolor on paper - 15 x 11 inches

Three Women Bring Feminine Creative Vision to New York

Three female artists brought together for this exhibition work in various painting techniques with each of them bringing their one-of-a-kind artistic voice to the mix. Alonsa Guevara will display her Fruit Portraits, series of circular works inspired by Judy Chicago’s iconic Dinner Party, examining the delicate fiber structure of this gifts of nature with anatomic precision. Watercolor works by Nadine Faraj bring unconstrained eroticism in an array of portrayed figures with hyperbolic attributes and expressive facial reactions, while Patty Horing showcases her latest worm and affectionate portraits endowed with emotional depth and identifiable human experience.

Anna Zorina Gallery
Left: Alonsa Guevara - Watermelon Growing in NYC Streets, 2015. Oil on canvas - 14 x 11 inches / Right: Patty Horing - Woman in a Green Dress, 2014. Oil on Canvas - 46 x 30 inches

Three Women Exhibition at Anna Zorina Gallery

Nadine Faraj, Alonsa Guevara and Patty Horing will exhibit their work at Anna Zorina Gallery from September 10th to October 10th, 2015. The works of these three graces will bring original and refreshing feminine perspective on current art practice through the exploration of various concepts and themes. The Three Women Exhibition is to open on September 10th, with the reception from 6 pm to 8 pm.

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Featured images:
Patty Horing - Master Bath, 2015. Oil on canvas - 59 x 77 inches
Alonsa Guevara - Fruit Portrait #29, 2015. Oil on canvas - 8 inches

All images courtesy of Anna Zorina Gallery

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