Majestic and Dreamlike Mountains in Tony Lloyd Exhibition Coming to The Cat Street Gallery

April 1, 2016

Tony Lloyd exhibition soon opening at The Cat Street Gallery will present the mind-blowingly realistic portrayal of mountains, revealing a cool world of enigmatic landscapes. The work of this Australian painter is much inspired by movie genres such as Film Noir, SF or thrillers. His work being a crossover between popular and high culture, it has a somewhat cold and mystic feel with the uneasiness and darkness of Lynch or Hitchcock. The mountains in this latest series entitled Elemental seem impenetrable, rising into the sky in a majestic and confident way. The paintings have a sense of time frozen, and the haunting stillness and dramatic light lures the viewer in.

Tony Lloyd exhibition
Left: Tony Lloyd - Eminence, 2015 / Right: Tony Lloyd - Obscured, 2015

An Archetypal Place

These majestic landscapes are painted in icy blues and steely greys, depicting the mountains that appear to sway, lakes with false reflections and roads disappearing into the darkness. With a cinematic feel and dreamlike strangeness, these landscapes reveal the sense of otherness that pervades Lloyd’s world. Inspired by cinematography, Lloyd creates works from low-res images captured from the video. These subtly distorted and altered landscapes are emptied of unnecessary features, presenting an elemental view of the world. As archetypal impressions, these locations could exist anywhere, and at any time.

Tony Lloyd exhibition
Left: Tony Lloyd - Sphere, 2015 / Right: Tony Lloyd - Zenith, 2015

The Practice of Tony Lloyd

The practice of Tony Lloyd now spans over a decade, containing an evolving body of work that engages in a variety of subjects while maintaining his unique vision. He has been painting roadscapes for a long time, from arcane highways at night to urbanity steeped in peril, progressing into the unfathomable and exploring philosophical and spiritual problems of our time. Playing with colours, the light in the nights he paints are always different. Reproducing the cinematic uncertainty, his paintings are at once familiar and strangely elusive. Even though his work has a realistic note, he often distorts landscapes to the point of natural impossibility or implements contrary motives and visual details. His paintings are dreamy and realistic at the same time, always radiating cinematic majesty.

Tony Lloyd exhibition
Tony Lloyd - The Overlook, 2015

Tony Lloyd Exhibition at The Cat Street Gallery

Lloyd has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally, and his paintings could be found in many public and private collections around the world. The exhibition Elemental will be on show at The Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong in the newest gallery location 50 Tung Street from April 14th till April 30th. The Artist Talk will be organized during the opening on April 14th at 6:30pm. This is the second solo exhibition of Tony Lloyd at The Cat Street Gallery.

Featured image: Tony Lloyd - The Drift (detail), 2015. All images courtesy of The Cat Street Gallery.

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