10 Cope2 Artworks Conveying Graffiti History

October 27, 2015

Well known street artist Cope2 was in focus recently, when he was arrested, and, if you remember, we wrote about this incident. As you may also remember, WideWalls had an exclusive statement of Cope2, regarding this arrest - he said that one of the How and Nosm twin brothers (that one being How) was involved in the incident. But right now, we are focusing on something else: many of Cope2's artworks have participated at art auctions, and several were sold for significant prices. One Cope's artwork was actually sold for a five-figure price.

Ok, why are we saying that Cope2 artworks are conveying graffiti history? Well, Fernando Carlo, that is Cope2's real name, is world wide known as one of the general founders of graffiti. And he has passed through all stages of development of graffiti and street art. Although he started writing graffiti way back in 1978 and 1979, he didn't become well known for his "throw-up" and "wildstyle" graffiti until the middle of the nineties. He begun tagging subway trains in the beginning of the eighties. In 1988 the subway graffiti era ended, but, unlike many, Cope2 didn't leave graffiti and street art. He continued his work on the streets, and became a very influential street artist for many young graffiti artists - and up to this day, he remains to be that. This is why Cope2's works, that have been sold at auctions world-wide, are true witnesses of graffiti history.

So, let's go now and take a look at which Cope2's artworks were doing particularly good at art auctions. We will start from number 10 of our Top 10 list.

Sans titre, 2011

At number 10, we have Cope2's unnamed (sans titre in French) artwork from 2011. It was sold in February 2012 at Artcurial (Briest, Poulain, F. Tajan) auction house in Paris, for $5,920. That was a good result, because it was estimated at $2,630 - $3,950, so, it was sold with +50 percent over high estimate.

Gwop, 2013

The artwork at number nine of our Top 10 list was also sold at Artcurial (Briest, Poulain, F. Tajan) auction house in Paris. Cope2's work Gwop was created in 2013, and was sold in February 2014 for $6,490. This was also over high estimate, for 37 percent - the estimate was at $4,060 - $4,730.

Sans Titre, 2011

Another Cope2's untitled painting from 2011 found its place at our Top 10 list - this time at number eight. This one was also sold at Artcurial (Briest, Poulain, F. Tajan) in Paris, but in 2012, and it was also a sale that went over high estimate - this time for +25 percent (it was sold for $6,580, and was estimated at $3,950 - $5,260).

Sans Titre, 2012

Cope2's Sans Titre from 2012 was sold in the beginning of 2013 (January 2013 at Artcurial), but this time the hammer price was at low estimate - lot was estimated at $6,660 - $7,990, and changed owners for $6,600.

Very Tough, 2014

At number six, we have Cope2's Very Tough, mixed media on canvas, that was executed in 2014. It was sold in February 2015 at Artcurial, for $6,830. This was the low estimate - Very Tough was estimated at $6,830 - $9,100.

Bang, Bang, Bang, 2014

The artwork named Bang, Bang, Bang was created in 2014 (again mixed media on canvas), and was sold the same year, in October 2014 at Tajan Paris. It went over high estimate - its value was estimated at $3,800 - $6,330, and was sold for $6,970.

Untitled (Subway Sign), 2013

At number four of our Top 10 list there's - a subway sign. Cope2's Untitled (Subway Sign) was created in 2013, and was sold very quickly, in April 2013. It was purchased in New York, at William Doyle, and it also went way above high estimate - it was estimated at $3,500 - $4,500, and was sold for $7,000, or +56 percent over high estimate.

1 Broadway Canal Street C Subway Sign, 2013

At number three, we have another subway sign. This time it's 1 Broadway Canal Street C Subway Sign, that Cope2 painted in 2013, and this artwork was sold in October 2013 at Fauve Paris auction house. This lot went over $7,500, while it was estimated much lower prior the auction - $4,140 - $5,520.

Royalty, 2012

The runner-up of our Top 10 list is Cope2's Royalty, a painting that was executed in 2012. It was sold twice in span of two years. In March 2012 was sold at Phillips, De Pury & Luxembourg auction house in New York - it was estimated at $4,000 - $6,000, and was sold for $8,000. However, two years later, in April 2014, at Phillips London, it was estimated higher - $4,980 - $6,630, but did not achieved the hights of 2012: actually, it was sold for almost half of a price from 2012 - take a look at this artwork's auction history here.

Live Painting, 2013

Finally, we have come to the number one of our Top 10 list. It is Cope2's Live Painting from 2013. It was sold in June 2014 at Digard auction house in Paris, and this is the only one Cope2's work that had achieved a five-figure price at an auction. this mixed media on canvas was estimated at $10,850 - $16,270, but it actually went over a $20,000 mark - it was sold at $22,500 and is, by far, the most expensive Cope2's artwork sold at auction so far. You can find all Cope2's artworks that were sold at auctions here.

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