Top 10 Galleries in April

May 5, 2015

The recent rise in popularity of urban and street art has been mirrored by the amount of contemporary art galleries specialising in those areas. With urban and street art evolving into respected art forms and making its way into the mainstream via retail outlets such as furniture giant Ikea, it is important that there are quality art galleries out there presenting exhibitions. Read more about such issues in Ikea Loves Street Art, Graffiti Hits the 21st Century and Is Hyundai Stealing from Street Artists. Contemporary art galleries have always been important in bringing new talent to the fore, with many now offering urban and street artists the chance to combine successful studio careers alongside their street art offerings. You can explore a whole range of contemporary art galleries in the Widewalls Galleries section and here we present a rundown of the most visited gallery pages by our readers during April.

Cluster Wall Brooklyn

Cluster Wall is not your typical contemporary art gallery; the Brooklyn based company born very much for the modern world and existing as an online gallery specialising in street and urban art. Cluster Wall has opted to provide the work of some of the most innovative contemporary street artists in the form of unique limited edition screen prints, created with the best materials and often hand-embellished by the artists themselves, along with original works. Check out more about their affordable and unique approach to contemporary street art in this Cluster Wall article.

Images via Cluster Wall

Pretty Portal Dusseldorf

Established in 2007, the Dusseldorf based Pretty Portal Gallery, has become an important focus on the development of urban art, regularly presenting both established artists and those new to the scene. The gallery has worked with a long list of international artists including Btoy, Fin Dac, Natalia Rak and Pixel Pancho. Currently they are showing the amazing solo exhibition Shooting Angels by Guy Denning while previous shows have included Wummenizer by Wolfgang Krell and group show, Stencils Only.

Images via Pretty Portal.

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