Top 10 Widewalls Instagrams of June

July 3, 2015

Find out which Instagram posts found their way on our Top 10 in June list! We post several exciting works of street art a day , but it's your likes that determine which ones are the best and should be featured as the month's Top 10. As usually, they are all murals and they captivated your attention either by ingeniously interacting with their surroundings and the context, or simply by showcasing beautiful lines and vibrant colors. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and help us choose the next month's Top 10 Instagram posts!

Tellas - Abstract Nature

The most liked Instagram post of this month belongs to the piece by Fabio Schirru aka Tellas. This Italian contemporary artist was invited for the second time to participate in ALT!rove – Street Art Festival and, along with nine other international street artists, decorate the streets of the city Catanzaro in the Southern Italy. For this festival's second edition, called Abstractism- space>place, Tellas painted one of his signature pieces representing abstract nature. Using blue color and plant-inspired shapes he covered the wall and the car with his art, as if to show the power of wild plants.

Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz

Fintan Magee - The River Crossing

Fintan Magee, an illustrator, designer and one of the best Australian street artists, painted a large mural on the building in Kiev, Ukraine. Magee spent a week painting a stunning mural entitled The River Crossing. This beautiful piece depicts a man crossing the river on the back of a moose.

Image (detail) courtesy of StreetArtNews

Falko - You Behind The Wheel

The South African artist Falko is adorning several towns in his country with his wonderful artwork, as the participant of the project Once Upon a Town, supported by Red Bull. This piece, named You Behind The Wheel, is located in Garies, Northern Cape and places an elephant right below the window of a house. What a great idea! One of the local children had to have a picture of him sitting on the elephant's back. Would anyone resist riding an elephant?

Cheone - The Zebra Crossing

Cheone is an Italian street artist, interested in Photorealism and making his art as realistic as possible. He joined numerous other artists who took part in this year's Meeting of Styles in Italy. The Italian edition of the non-profit event, organized worldwide in order to bring urban artists together, took place in Milan in May. Cheone's mural cleverly interacts with its surroundings. He placed a man with a paint roller on the wall above a zebra crossing, so that it seems that the man is the one painting the zebra. Witty!

Image courtesty of Cheone

Pejac - Everyone Is An Artist

Pejac is an artist living and working in Spain. Disappointed by the elitist attitude of his art teachers, Pejac became involved in street art in order to bring art to those who don't frequent museums and galleries. Majority of his works are street murals, which draw the inspiration from their surroundings. In 2015, he started his Asian tour and visited China, South Korea and Japan, incorporating the countries' cultures in his artwork. This piece, located in Kawasaki, Japan and titled Everyone Is An Artist, depicts a cleaning lady pouring the water. What is interesting is that the water has a shape of the wave from the famous painting The Great Wave by Hokusai. Pejac often uses silhouetted figures in his work and combines elements of surrealism with the minimalist style.

Super A - A Giant Pigeon

We're wondering: is this building-high pigeon angry and preparing to attack someone, or just pensive and engaged in some deep thinking? Super A, an "anti superhero", painted a 32-meter pigeon as the announcement for the MuralGoes Festival, which will be held in Goes, the Netherlands, from July 1st to 10th. This is not the first time one of the top Dutch street artists has painted a huge bird. One of his birds, a mural representing a dove, was named the best street art in the Netherlands. The election was organized by a Dutch broadcasting company AVRO in November 2012.

Okuda - Soho Dog

Okuda San Miguel lives and works in Madrid, but this time he created a beautiful art piece in Soho, New York City. This street artist has a penchant for geometrical shapes, sharp flamboyant multicolored pieces opposed to gray, soft human shapes, and animals (especially dogs and birds) His style is so distinctive, that you cannot mistake him for anyone else. Soho Dog shows a face of a dog, accompanied by a bird, and we can guarantee that it will put a smile on the face of any passerby.

Conor Harrington - The Battle Scene in Copenhagen

Conor Harrington is a famous Irish painter and street artist, known for his dramatic and captivating artwork. He blends classical with contemporary, realistic images with abstract elements and creates spectacular pieces with loose brushwork, seemingly unfinished imagery and dripping paint. This massive mural presenting one of his signature battle scenes is spanning over the building the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was created when Søren Solkær, the Danish photographer, invited six international and esteemed artists to create large-scale murals as a part of the Surface project.

Image courtesty of StreetArtNews

Jef Aerosol - The Boston Tea Party

Jef Aerosol is the pseudonym of Jean-François Perroy, the renowned French urban stencil artist, and one of the first street artists who started working on the streets in the early 80s. His painting on the building in Boston shows the American poet Edgar Allan Poe and John Lee Hooker, the American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist, sharing a cup of tea.

Image (detail) courtesy of Jef Aerosol

NemO's - The Human Fish

NemO's is the Italian street artist who borrowed his name from the captain Nemo, a character from the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. NemO's has a very unique style and motif. In his signature murals we can see bald, naked, wrinkly men and animal-human hybrids. His new unsettling and grotesque mural is located in Cremona, Italy and shows us what a human fish looks like.

Image courtesy of NemO's

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