Top 10 Widewalls Instagrams of April

May 4, 2015

Last month, we started ranking the very best of our Instagram feed most liked by our followers on a monthly basis. It was a good decision, as the world of street art never sleeps and its amazing artists keep on making brilliant art all around the world. By being our Instagram follower, you get a chance to see the latest art fresh from the streets and into your feed. Whether you like Zabou, with whom we had the pleasure to talk recently, or the amazing portals by 1010, or JR’s taking over New York City, yet again, you surely are in for a treat. We invite you to follow us on Instagram, and in the meantime, don’t forget to stay up-to-date with our Street Update and make sure you follow our Interviews section for some interesting chats with the creatives you know and admire.

Scroll down to see what Instagram liked the most during the month of April.

NemO’s Wrinkly Man

This mural painted in Madrid, Spain, found its spot in one of our recent Street Updates, because it is one of NemO’s best pieces to date. Following his trademark street art style to depict usually naked, always wrinkly, definitely intriguing characters of humans and animal-human hybrids, NemO marks the opening of a solo exhibition with the Espositivo Gallery in a unique way. His awkward bald man cuts through space, almost literally, as behind his face, his what appears to be an alter ego in agony, is revealed. One of street art’s true masterpiece, without a doubt.

Beyond the Concrete by Zabou

In an exclusive interview for Widewalls, French lady street artist Zabou revealed that one of her upcoming projects will take place in Cyprus, where she will paint a few murals. Well, here is one of them, entitled Beyond the Concrete, made in the city of Athienou. Large-scale, but fairly minimalistic, this mural sees a wall being turned into a hoodie, with a zipper being open to reveal the cloudy sky. Zabou is known for her brilliant skills of story-telling through art, and this piece is no exception. We look forward to her upcoming endeavors, as we’re sure she will not disappoint.

Sainer’s Crossroads

Another mural which ended up in our Street Update is the one painted by Przemek Blejzyk aka Sainer, whom you know as part of the Polish street art duo Etam Cru. The name of the piece you see is Crossroads, and you can find it in Lisbon, Portugal, where the Underdogs Gallery organized the Public Art program. On a large wall of a building, we see an old lady smoking a cigarette and looking away, something that is often seen in the art of Sainer. The artist always strived to make “freaky characters like the ones I saw in cartoons” and it seems like he managed very well.

Hense’s Wheatbelt Silos

For the Australian street art festival, called Public 2015, street artist Alex Brewer, better known as Hense, took up on the Wheatbelt silos to create his signature art made of shapes, colors and abstract forms. For nearly two decades, Hense has been on the scene, and industrial landscape is one of his favorite locations to make art. His vibrant murals can be seen around the world, and one of his most famous works is the extremely large mural he did for the ISIL institute in Lima, Peru and The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, USA.

Millo’s Piece in Milan

Francesco Camillo Giorgino, better known as Millo, is an Italian street artist whose detailed murals use only simple black and white lines and just a little bit of color, if necessary. His large piece in Milan, Italy, entitled Everyone is Searching For It, focuses on love, set in an urban landscape of its own, within the capital of fashion. As big cities ooze with loneliness, it is hard to find someone who will listen, and Millo’s beautiful technique makes it a little easier to believe that such thing is possible. Another famous piece by Millo can be found in Turin, and it consists of 13 multi-story murals.

Another 1010

Another colorful portal was born. This time in Marseille, France, and for Backside Gallery, where German artist 1010 had a solo exhibition entitled Mise en Abyme. In February, he had an exhibition hosted by Hashimoto Contemporary, called Limbus. The intriguing and colorful “holes” by 1010 grace many walls in many countries and every time they appear, it makes us want to walk into them and see what’s on the other side. The apparent layers of concrete lead to darkness and they are so realistically done that it is really hard to believe they do not have the depth.

Faith47 in Johannesburg

Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem is the name of a mural by South African street artist Faith47. Depicting zebras fighting and running away on the walls of a destroyed building in his homeland, she stays true to his remarkable stylistic approach of painting animals with great skill. Faith47 is one of the most important artists on the scene right now, having painted countless murals in almost every place you can imagine. Her raw and realistic artworks are usually monochromatic and depicting people and animals, addressing social issues of the place they inhabit.

JR Does It Again

JR’s been featured on Widewalls so many times that sometimes it is hard to catch up with all of his projects. Lately, however, he collaborated with The New York Times to create Walking New York, another endeavor dedicated to the problem of immigration. He pasted posters of immigrants around the city of New York, the biggest one finding its place at Flatiron plaza. Even though it was quickly removed, it lived long enough to draw attention. The piece our Instagram followers liked sees a man getting down a building wall by unrolling from what seems to be white paper.

Farid Rueda in Mexico

A colorful head of a jaguar saw the light of day at Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Entitled BALAM, it was painted by local street artist Farid Rueda, famous for his animal world painted using many colors and intense detail. The mural was painted in collaboration with No Colectivo and its name means Son of the Sun in the Maya language. The pieces by Farid Rueda brighten the neighborhoods of cities across Mexico, and more than often, they reference the culture and tradition.

Andrew Hem in Perth

Finally, another artist participating in Public 2015 was Andrew Hem, an American street artist. In Perth, he created a nerdy mural of a woman, done in his own unique manner. Andrew Hem received his BFA from Art Center College of Art and Design, and since 2007 he has been exhibiting and creating his street art across the United States. His oeuvre consists of graffiti, sketches, murals, sculptures, photographs and collages, and it is highly introspective, otherworldly and tackling topics of racism and the status of native lands.

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