Top 10 Widewalls Instagrams of May

June 3, 2015

It seems like, with every new month coming our way, there are more and more interesting murals to showcase in our monthly selection of 10 Widewalls Instagrams. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, which I’m sure you are by now, you could have noticed how busy things were over there - new murals popping up like crazy, and during a single day, there are at least five fresh-from-the-wall artworks we bring straight to your Instagram feed. We’re quite dedicated to that mission, because we love street art as much as you do, and we really want to make sure all those talented artists out there get the attention they deserve for creating such marvelous art around the world. While ten of these works isn’t nearly enough to show all the love, it is the 10 you, our Instagram followers, liked the most in the past 31 days.

So if you want to participate in our next month’s selection of the most liked murals, be sure to follow us on Instagram. In the meantime, scroll down for May’s very best.

Hombre SUK - Old G

Hombre SUK, aka Pablo Fontagnier, is a German illustrator, designer and graffiti artist. His latest mural of an old man shows his brilliant painting skills, which he started developing back in 1995. His devotion to the streets grew further when he started his own streetwear brand, called PYROMANIAC CLOTHING. Hombre SUK’s brilliant artworks cover the walls in places all around the world, including cities lime Shanghai, New York and Paris, and his latest endeavor includes the guys from Unicats - along with other street artists, he will create designers for a t-shirt collection.

Roberto Ciredz for ALT!rove

Roberto Ciredz is one of the artists who participated at the ALT!rove street art festival in Catanzaro, southern Italy. His colorful mural found its place in Quartiere Aranceto of Catanzaro. This versatile artist is known for his murals, sculptures, drawings, prints and sketches, done in the trademark style where lines and curves form different structures and textures. When he is not making art, Ciredz participates in documentaries, the latest being Becoming Marni, currently on view at the 56th Venice Biennale. In it, you can also notice another familiar name - Tellas. So if you ever see some colorful waves in your town, you’ll know who made them.

Erosie for ALT!rove

Jeroen Heeman, aka Erosie, also participated at the ALT!rove street art festival in Catanzaro, southern Italy. Together with a bunch of colleagues like Sten Lex and Alberonero, he painted the urban surface of the town in spirit of abstraction. The facades of three buildings served as a canvas for the Dutch artist, as he covered them in pastel colors and fluid forms. After having a show in Paris, titled Polygon Window, Erosie will be around again - for a group show at Somerset House and a solo at Kunstraum Bethanien in Berlin. We’re excited!

SideShow Bob by Oakoak

This guy is one of my personal favorites, because for Oakoak, street art is just a wonderful game and everything on the streets can be turned into entertainment. In Saint-Etienne, France, he used a tree flower as the trademark hair of The Simpsons character SideShow Bob. I mean, isn’t he just amazing? We recently wrote about him regarding an exhibition at Le Cabinet d’Amateur in Paris, together with another artist, Bulbe, which ended a couple of weeks ago. We simply cannot wait for more of his art, as Oakoak hasn’t failed us once so far.

Seth Globepainter At It Again

Often working with other artists, such as calligrapher Hong He Ping, artist Seth Globepainter creates great art, with or without help. This time, in collaboration with artist HTJ, he painted a breathtaking mural of a sleeping girl, as part of the Ono’u Tahiti Street Art Festival. Soaked in traditional patterns and depicting one of his signature characters, the mural covers and entire side of a building in the town of Papeete. Seth Globepainter is a regular in our Street Updates, lately with his murals in China and Paris. Great to see him keeping busy as always!

Aryz in Detroit

Spanish artist Aryz was one of the artists invited to paint at Library Street Collective in Detroit. You may heard of this through our recent articles on Shepard Fairey and his own involvement with LSD. Based in Barcelona, Aryz is a talented artists whose artworks are often realistic and surrealistic at the same time. His mural in Detroit shows a series of the same man, probably a worker, a recurring topic in this industrial city. The work follows the trademark style of the artist, usually transmitting social critique through great skills and original ideas.

Axel Void in Italy

After participating at Katowice Street Art Festival in Poland, American artist Axel Void, aka Alejandro Hugo Dorda Mevs, ended up in Mosciano, Italy, where he painted a beautiful mural of a boy. Staying true to his classical representation of characters, the mural sees a boy who has, however, been “divided” in two, as if he were a porcelain doll. The dissecting work reminds us of the one he did in collaboration with Faith47 in Dominican Republic last year - only that time, it was a head of a pig. Recently, Axel Void also visited India, where he painted an unusual mural dedicated to Delhi’s fruit and vegetable market.

Tristan Eaton x Cyrcle in New York

It’s always great to see amazing artists doing art together. In Williamsburg, New York, American graffiti artist, muralist, toy designer and illustrator Tristan Eaton teamed up with Cyrcle, a two-man collective soon to be on view at Station 16 Gallery in Montreal, Canada, for a show called Nothing Exists. Spread across several pieces of a wall, this beautiful blue mural combines the best of styles of all the artists involved, including patterns and a wonderful mix of colors. Tristan Eaton is known for his collage-like murals, extremely rich in detail and evoking pop art’s notions of consumerism.

Jade Rivera in Peru

Jade Rivera, aka Jonatan Rivera, is a 32-year-old artist and graphic designer from Peru, who has been present on the street art scene since 1997. He uses his art as a reflection of everyday life and he connects it to his Andean roots in order to further develop his artistic style. His latest work features a mural titled The home of a sigh, painted in Lima. It shows a boy holding a piece of his face in shape of a heart, while there is a bird inside his head. The mural, as part of the Muraliza el Barrio festival, is easily recognizable as a Jade Rivera piece for its realism containing surrealist elements.

Hula in Hawaii

He is a surfer and a street artist. What he does is combine the two in the most creative way possible. Hula, aka Sean Yoro, recently created some stunning works featuring women in his home state Hawaii. Using his surfing board, he reaches abandoned places along the coastline and paints beautiful portraits of women just above the surface of the water, so that they appear to be bathing. When he is not floating around, Hula also paints canvases with an equally dedicated passion. As we speak, the New York-based artist is in talks about using his works of art to brighten the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn.

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