Top 10 Widewalls Instagrams of the Month

April 1, 2015

As you know, we at Widewalls love street art and we do our best to promote its artistic value and discover emerging talents. Every day, street artists around the world, known or up-and-coming, create awesome new murals that we think our readers, and especially our Instagram followers, just need to see. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you know that we bring our Instagram followers fresh-out-of-a-spray-can (or some other medium) murals of all shapes, sizes, styles, colors, locations, meanings and messages. It is our honor to take you on a virtual tour of the world’s best street artworks, so if you’re not a part of our Instagram followers family, we invite you do join us. In the meantime, scroll down to check out the Top 10 Widewalls Instagrams of the Month of March most liked by our Instagram followers, featuring works from artists like Zio Ziegler, Seth Globepainter, ETNIK and other great artists of the street, and see what they’re up to nowadays as well!

Zio Ziegler

Our recently appointed artist of the week, this contemporary street artist recently painted a great piece in Belle Meade, Tennessee, gaining much love from our Instagram followers. Zio Ziegler is currently showing in San Francisco, at Jules Maeght’s Painting is Pattern exhibition, along with Pierre Roy-Camille, and was nominated for the PULSE prize at this year’s SCOPE New York. The work of this California-based artist is inspired by ancestral cultures, combined with his own impressions of life. His primary artistic call is painting, and the influence of this craft is often seen in his art.

Miron Milić

Croatian artist Miron Milić recently painted an enormous mural in Ljubljana, capital of neighboring Slovenia. An incredible piece of street art which fascinated our Instagram followers covers an entire since of a tall building and it shows a garden inside a glass house, with palm trees and all sorts of greenery, deprived of color due to the artist’s monochromatic artistic style. When he is not impressing our Instagram followers, Miron Milić works as an illustrator for Croatian Playboy magazine and draws portraits in black and white. His work was exhibited throughout Europe and his homeland Croatia.


Golden Fox is a mural we featured in our Street Update #67. It was done by Belgian artist DZIA, in Belgium’s town of Vilvoorde. This quite massive mural reflects Dzia’s talent in the best way. He is a very young muralist, having started painting them only two and a half years ago. Our Instagram followers love his detailed, geometric-like animals that grace the walls of many European cities. In his homeland, he is something of an enigma, as not many things are known about him, but his fine art is widely recognizable, from paintings, through sculpture and taxidermy, to amazing street works.

Case Maclaim

One of our Instagram followers’ favorite was a mural by one of the best German street artists, Case Maclaim, also known as Case, also known as Andreas Von Chrzanowski. His two photo-realistic walking hands were spotted in Hawaii, where he’s been painting a series of works. Case Maclaim is one of three members of a graffiti collective called Maclaim Crew, founded in 2000. He and other members of the crew are known for their brilliant and beautiful representation of body parts, often soaked in color and full of incredible detail.


Italian artist Mach05 won the likes of our Instagram followers by painting his latest stunning indoor piece in Turin, Italy. The anamorphic artwork shows a big green octopus wrapping himself around the building’s architecture. Mach05 is famous for his monochromatic, cartoonish animals, and he is also part of the highly talented Truly Design crew. If you like Italian street art style, make sure you check out our 10 Italian Urban Artists list!

Seth Globepainter

A regular part of our street updates, French street artist Seth Globepainter, also known as Julien Malland, ended up as one of our Instagram followers' favorite with a lovely mural in the 13th district of Paris, France. Staying true to his children-like characters that don’t like to look at their viewer, this simple mural shows a boy turned towards colorful rainbow sky. While in the French capital, Seth is having a solo exhibition as well, at Galerie Itinerrance, opened a few days ago and running until April 25th, so make sure you check it out if you’re around!


Another popular mural among our Instagram followers is the hyper-realistic seal painted on a wall in Odense Zoo, Denmark, painted by Tasso - also known as Ta55o. The German artist painted a series of murals at the zoo, including the marvelous tortoise coming out of a wooden wall, while the seal you see here has the zoo’s round windows instead of eyes, giving it an inside look of an actual seal tank. Tasso is the founder of the acclaimed Ma’Claim crew, and his masterfully executed murals are often incredibly realistic, and sometimes 3D as well.


Alessandro Battisti, better known as Etnik, is an Italian-Swedish street artist whose new mural found a wall in Trento, Italy, only a few days ago. He is currently participating in a group show at Chicago’s Vertical Gallery, which is celebrating two years of existence. His contribution to the show is, of course, his trademark geometric and colorful landscapes, which usually cover entire walls, like the one our Instagram followers came to like, often giving a sense of three dimensions. Etnik’s most recent solo show ended only a few weeks ago, at Rome’s Galleria Varsi.


If you see colorful and messy birds, you know it’s the work of Brazilian street artist L7M, aka Luis Seven Martins. Widewalls’s Instagram followers appreciated his latest mural in Paris, France, where another one of his flying creatures landed in all its glory. As always, his mural is oozing with color and brush-like strokes of lines, and while birds are one of his favorite topics, L7M also paints portraits in the same artistic style. He appeared in our street update in January for a similar mural in Maracay, Venezuela.

Ella & Pitr

To close the circle of 10 Instagrams of the Month most liked by the Widewalls Instagram followers is the French duo going by the name of Ella & Pitr. The “paper painters” of the French street art made a massive piece in Lyon, France, which covered an entire rooftop of a building. This space served as the bed of a sleepy character, found next to the railway. Ella & Pitr’s murals are usually best seen from the air, as they almost always occupy flat roofs of urban architecture throughout France. Their latest exhibition ended in February and it was hosted by Galerie Le Feuvre in Paris.

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