10 Beautiful Turin Street Art Murals

October 19, 2015

That Turin represents one of the artistically most developed cities in Italy, but also Europe, shows the Artissima art fair, this year coming back for its 22nd edition. It is not just contemporary arts that thrive in this industrial town, but also street and urban art, with an impressive number of galleries and art spaces dedicated to it opening in the last five years only (on Widewalls: read about the Turin scene in our interview with Galo Gallery). During that time, many acclaimed Italian and international street artists visited Turin to paint murals, many of which were creating during the three editions of Turin Street Art Festival, called PicTurin. Today, because there are so many of these artworks, there are organized street art bike tours, as well as the Museo di Arte Urbana (Urban Art Museum) and many initiatives dedicated to the movement. In this article, we will gather up ten of these spectacular murals painted across the city.


The talented Austrian artist Nychos visited Turin in 2013, where he painted one of his amazing anatomic pieces of animals. This time it was a snake, and it found its permanent home on the walls of Bunker, a cultural project dedicated to urban projects and events. Just recently, Nychos created another mural which involved snakes, at the WEAArt Festival in Aalborg, Denmark.

Pixel Pancho

Born in Turin, Pixel Pancho is one of the protagonists of the city’s street art scene, and of course, his murals are pretty much all over the place. Among them, there’s one entitled Characters, painted as part of PicTurin. In love with humans, robots and hybrids, this artist stays faithful to his subjects, and this work is only a small part of his oeuvre.


The recognizable style of Belgian artist Roa stands in his monochromatic works, usually depicting goofy animals on a large scale. That’s exactly the case with his mural painted in Turin, on the building of Social Services, also painted as part of PicTurin in 2010. Roa’s murals can be found worldwide, more recently he finished some up in the US and Puerto Rico.


In 2014, Italian artist Millo won an award for his Habitat project, which allowed him to paint on 13 building facades in Turin’s Barriera di Milano area, and because I couldn’t decide which one is the greatest, I decided to just put all of them. Millo was chosen the winner among 84 other propositions coming from many different countries around the world.

Etnik, Sat, Zedz

For the 2010 edition of PicTurin, Italian artist Etnik, along with his German colleague Sat and Zedz from the Netherlands, painted a colourful mural as part of a building in Turin, in his trademark style. It is just captivating, keeping your constant attention, and it goes perfectly with the yellow paint of the building, giving it the much-needed revival.

Augustine Kofie

A big fan of geometric world, Augustine Kofie also known as KofieOne, visited Turin in 2012, and there, he created a stunning mural invested in pastel colours, shapes and straight lines. From afar, it looks like an architectural plan seen from above, but also an abstract composition of rectangular objects. Probably inspired by the art movement of the same name, the mural is entitled Futurino.


Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, visited Turin in 2013, where he left one of his signature faces on a building in via Nizza. Vhils is known for his specific way of creating - with a scalpel, he basically carves his artworks out of walls, working with different layers and playing with lights and shadows. His mural does not have an identity, but it is “just a person I saw during my trip in Mexico.”

Agostino Iacurci

Among the works that Agostino Iacurci painted in Turin during his rich artistic career, there’s the one covering an entire parking space, painted in 2012. His distinctive characters once again interact with urban space, along with colourful boxes, plants, shadows of animals, random objects and a series of lightbulbs, to create one long, playful mural.


Much like his colleagues Sten and Lex, Never2501 works with black and white patterns, lines, twirly forms. His piece on a tower in Parco Dora in Turin was created in 2012 as part of PicTurin, and it is quite incomprehensible, although we might take a guess and say his subjects are birds. The web of monochromatic lines is also accompanied by a red dot, to add a unique flare to the whole mural.


A constant element of our Street Updates, Belgian artist Dzia also contributed to the outdoor gallery of Bunker in Turin this year, with many artworks including a couple of gold foxes whom he called Brothers. In yet another wonderful assembly of lines and mild colouring, the artist makes us fall in love with his art even more.

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