Upcoming Auctions: March 16-22

March 15, 2015

We have chosen four interesting auctions that will be held next week to present you: two at Sotheby's (one in London, one in New York), one at Christie's (London) and one in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, at Veritas - Art Auctioneers auction house. At Sotheby's in London, on Tuesday, March 17, the auction of Prints & Multiples is about to happen at 2:30 PM. This will be the mixture of works of Old Masters, Modern and Contemporary artists in the span of 500 years. It's an ongoing trend of mixing up Old Masters and Modern art works with the Contemporary ones, rather than focusing on just one specific period - something that we wrote about here. Also, this is the opportunity to get some high-class art work for a fairly reasonable price - we recently wrote about that here. Next, on Wednesday, March 18, at Christie's auction house in London, Prints & Multiples auction will take place at 2 PM. This also will be the mix of Old Masters, Modern, Post-War and Contemporary artists, with a lot of works by Pablo Picasso. Then, on the same day, on March 18, in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, Arte Moderna e Contemporânea, or the Modern & Contemporary Art auction will be held at Veritas - Art Auctioneers auction house. Here you will find a lot of works by contemporary artists from Europe. At the end, another auction at Sotheby's will take place also on March 18. At Sotheby's in New York, at 10 o'clock in the morning there will be Modern & Contemporary South Asian Art auction, with several art works estimated at seven-figure price.

To check out lots and highlights of each upcoming auction, just scroll down for a detailed preview!

Prints & Multiples At Sotheby's

As we said, Prints & Multiples auction at Sotheby's in London, will be the mash-up - Old Masters, Modern and Contemporary art works will be sold under the same roof, at the same time - 2:30 PM. There will be a lot of Rembrandt's, Albrecht Dürer's and Chagall's work, as well as works by Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch. What about contemporary artists? Andy Warhol's Car Crash from 1978 will be auctioned, and it is estimated at $196,703 - $272,358. Roy Lichtenstein's Reflections on Conversation from 1990 is estimated at $60,524 - $90,786, and his Two Nudes should go much higher - for $105,917-$151,310. Another Andy Warhol's work, Moonwalk from 1987, should change owners for a six-figure price, it is estimated at $75,655 - $105,917, and his group of Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century from 1980 altogether should be sold for $151,310 - $302,620 - that is the price for ten screenprints combined. Keith Haring's Totem from 1988 could also go above $100,000 (estimated at $75,655 - $105,917). Damien Hirst's The Last Supper from 1999 ($37,828 - $52,958), Robert Rauschenberg's Tribute 21 from 1994 ($27,236 - $33,288) and Francis Bacon's Triptych from 1987 ($22,697 - $30,262) should also achieve solid prices.

Also, the day after this auction, at Sotheby's in New York will take place Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art auction - on March 18, at 10 AM. Some of paintings in this auction should be sold for more than $1 million - notably, Vasudeo S. Gaitonde's Untitled could go up to more than $2 million (estimated at $1,500,000 — $2,000,000). Amrita Sher-Gil's Untitled (Self Portrait) is estimated at $1,200,000 — $1,800,000, and Akbar Padamsee's Untitled (Metascape) should be sold for $350,000 — $500,000.

Featured image: Roy Lichtenstein - Reflections on Conversation (C. 240), 1990 (Lot 185) (Courtesy of Sotheby's)

Images in the slider:
- Jim Dine - Monotype at Sydney Close III, 1983 (Lot 167) ($15,131 - $22,697)
- Jeff Koons - Balloon Dog (Red), 1995 (Lot 179) ($4,539 - $6,052)
- David Hockney - Two Vases of Cut Flowers and a Liriope Plant (Museum Contemporary Art Tokyo 232), 1996-1998 (Lot 177) ($7,566-$10,592)

Images courtesy of Sotheby's.

Prints And Multiples At Christie's

At Christie's in London, the day after Sotheby's Prints & Multiples, there's going to be  an auction Prints And Multiples as well (on Wednesday, March 18, at 2 PM). This also will be an auction mash-up - the highest number of art works that will be auctioned will be by Pablo Picasso (34 lots), Andy Warhol (9), Henri Matisse, Joan Miró and Harmensz. van Rijn Rembrandt (8), while Gerhard Richter and Marc Chagall will be presented with seven art works. Six works by Francis Bacon, five by Sam Francis and four by Lucian Freud and Roy Lichtenstein will also be auctioned. As for the individual estimates, Andy Warhol's $ (4) is estimated at $152,300 - $228,450, and that's the highest estimated price among the Contemporary art works. Warhol's other work, Marylin, is estimated at $76,150 - $106,610, and Cy Twombly's Natural History, Part II: Some Trees of Italy should be sold for a bit lower price ($60,920 - $91,380). Two of Lucian Freud's works (Blond Girl and Woman With an Arm Tattoo) are also estimated at $60,920 - $91,380, as well as Francis Bacon's Miroi De La Tauromachie, while Freud's Eli should go even higher ($121,840 - $182,760).

Featured image: Marlene Dumas - Purple Pose; Snowflake; Dorothy D-lite, 1999 (Lot 154) (Courtesy of Christie's) ($30,460 - $45,690)

Images in the slider:
- Francis Bacon - Miroir de la Tauromachie, 1990 (Lot 140) ($60,920 - $91,380)
- Christopher Wool - Black Book, 1989 (Lot 153) ($30,460 - $45,690)

Images courtesy of Christie's.

Arte Moderna e Contemporânea At Veritas - Art Auctioneers

At the end of the next week's auction preview, we'll present you the Arte Moderna e Contemporânea (Modern & Contemporary Art) auction that will be held on Wednesday, March 18 at 9 PM in Portugal's capital city, Lisbon, at Veritas - Art Auctioneers auction house (Av.Elias Garcia, 157 A/B 1050-099 Lisbon, Portugal). In this auction you can find Jason Martin's painting 48 hours from 2000, that is estimated at $21,266 - $26,582, ERRO's Square love from 1980 ($7,443 - $10,633), Markus Lüpertz's Der Kardinal from 1968 ($8,506 - $12,759), or Nan Goldin's Jabalowe napping, Luxor, Ramadan from 2003, that is estimated at $3,721 - $5,316. But, this is also the opportunity to get to know some other artists' work. For instance, Paula Rego's work Pioneiros from 1982 is estimated at $188,946 - $262,425, and that is the priciest lot of the night. Serge Poliakoff's Untitled from 1954-1955 should be sold at $62,982 - $83,976, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva's Tenture de lumière from 1980 is stimated at $41,988 - $62,982, as well as Júlio Pomar's La baigneuse Valpinçon d'après Ingres from 1971, and Arpad Szenes' Untitled from 1958 should change owners for $36,739 - $41,988.

Featured image: Paula Rego - Pioneiros, 1982 (detail) (Lot 70) (Courtesy of Veritas - Art Auctioneers)

Images in the slider:
- Serge Poliakoff - Untitled, 1954-1955 (detail) (Lot 99)
- Peter Zimmermann - Wall 1, 2003 (detail) (Lot 46) ($26,242 - $31,491)
- Maria Helena Vieira da Silva - Untitled, 1985 (detail) (Lot 103)

Images courtesy of Veritas - Art Auctioneers

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