Urban Affairs Berlin 2016 - The New Art Festival

July 2, 2016

If you care about the urban space and you live in Berlin, or you just happen to love that city, and if you are aware of the influence that urban art has on the citizens and the city itself, then this is your opportunity to show it. Join the efforts of the Urban Affairs organizers and support the crowdfunding campaign for an upcoming Urban Affairs 2016 festival in Berlin. This time, the festival is all new and improved. Prepare for The Workshop Edition! The festival will now have a different concept than before, which will start some important conversations and bring up the very best of today’s urban art scene in Berlin. And we all know how important, versatile and rich that scene is. So, don’t hesitate on this one. Seize the chance to be an important part of the festival’s realization.

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Recreated Concept of the Festival

Initiated in 2008 as an urban and artistic project, the Urban Affairs festival has had two very successful editions so far. The first was based in the basement of the venue that was newly opened at the time, but has become legendary STATTBAD Wedding in the meantime. The second edition followed in 2009, and then, the organizers put their efforts together to re-imagine the whole concept of the festival. After serious brainstorming and ideation, the organizers have re-thought and recreated the very essence of the festival – its core idea. The next issue of the Urban Affairs will represent the better version of its previous self, adjusted accordingly to the new concept. Now, the festival will have much more connection to the urban development and important social issues while featuring urban art presentations and shows, as well as popular urban artists. The Urban Affairs will take place in September 2016, and it is going to be organized at three different locations around Berlin - the monitoring station Teufelsberg, the labyrinth-like basement of the Marienburger Höfe, and the Center for Arts and Urbanistics, which used to be a train station.

public policy research studies show programs of college office and home for contact community development students program
Image via Just.ekosystem.org - © Creative Commons

Important Change of the Cityscape

This year’s program of the Urban Affairs will pay much more attention to the interface of urban art and urban development. The main challenge will be the recapturing of space and the revitalization of forgotten locations. The organizers, together with visitors and the whole community, want to tackle ideas that question and critically examine the trend of restoration, while focusing on how to make the city more livable. As this is going to be The Workshop Edition of the festival, each day there will be different workshops going on, covering topics such as City, People, and Space. Their aim is to initiate important and long-lasting modifications in the cityscape by various artistic projects. The program will also include panel discussions on social, urban, and artistic issues, as well as the political urban theater. On top of it all, there will be an ironic Graffiti vs. StreetArt battle. It is not going to be an average art festival, that is for sure.

public policy research studies show programs of college office and home for contact community development students program
Image via Just.ekosystem.org - © Creative Commons

Help Make Urban Affairs Happen

The project of the upcoming Urban Affairs festival was placed among the top three of the smart urban pioneers contest in April 2016. In addition to a grant, the organizers got the opportunity to partner with Indiegogo platform to set up a crowdfunding campaign that would close the financial structure and make the Urban Affairs 2016 possible for realization. The campaign started on June 7, and it runs until July 8, 2016. So far, the 57% of the total sum have been gathered, and this is the point where all of you urban art enthusiasts enter the scene. Each donation counts, as the organizers say, and for each sum donated, there are thank-you gifts available and ready to be shipped worldwide, ranging from Urban Affairs branded bags to limited artworks by street artists. All the backers and followers of the Urban Affairs crowdfunding campaign will be updated about the happenings throughout the process.

Featured image: Image via Just.ekosystem.org - © Creative Commons
Slider images: Images via Just.ekosystem.org - © Creative Commons

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