Urban Art Which will Stir Your Imagination - 10 Suggestions for those Who Want to Buy Original Art Online

November 3, 2015

Buying original art online has become a growing trend, and recent researches even show that 75% of art collectors base their purchases on digital images and online platforms before even seeing the artwork in person. Which is probably why our online art gallery has been steadily growing and expanding in the past few months. Paintings, prints, sculpture, photography, original works, mixed media works and much, much more is available in our database. The easy-to-use marketplace we offer here at Widewalls is a gateway to a myriad of fresh discoveries and the best way to buy original art online. Making it even easier for you to browse, discover and buy your new favorite artwork, we make a monthly selection of 10 art pieces we deem worthy of your attention. So, without further ado, have a look at our ten suggestions for your next art buy.


Known as the originator of a type of kinetic sculpture, referred to as mobile, Alexander Calder left a significant mark in the world of art and sculpture. The innovative creator redefined sculpture by introducing the element of movement. Famous for his performances of the mechanical Calder’s Circus, motorized works and mobiles, Calder also produced static sculptures, dubbed as stabiles, alongside of paintings, theaters sets, costumes and jewelry. Here we have an example of his color lithograph on paper, named Tank Trap, from 1975, created just one year before his death.


The distinctive visual style of RERO is instantly recognizable. His signature work includes a variety of social concepts, touching upon consumerism, technology, language and obsolescence. Always in the same Verdana font with a bold strike-through line, RERO’s text becomes embedded deep in the viewer’s mind. As noted by many, art does not aim to resolve problems, but to generate questions and provide different points of view on the issues of our world. Which is exactly why many of RERO’s artworks represent seemingly straight-forward and simple questions, which actually bare much more weight than the simple words forming them. Untitled (What Shall We Do Next?) is the name of his painting on wood, and it clearly poses a question to which many of us don’t know the answer.

<h2>MAYA HAYUK - CHEMICAL 3667</h2>

Elaborate abstractions of Maya Hayuk incorporate elements from popular culture and advanced painting practices while exploring the psychedelic experience in visual form. Famous for her iconic outdoor murals all over the world, Maya loves to travel and absorb influence from different cultures. Symbiotic to her outdoor work, Maya Hayuk maintains a painting practice in her studio in Brooklyn. She works with almost any material imaginable, and her vibrant, colorful style can make any surface come to life. This acrylic on panel, entitled Chemical 3667, is a clear example of simple, yet carefully designed set of colors which form a mosaic-like effect, evoking positive vibrations and joy.

Cyril Le Van - Polaroid

There’s nothing more hipsterish than having a “vintage” Polaroid camera in the era when phone-cameras can produce stunning quality photographs. Having a reproduction of a Polaroid camera made out of plastic as a piece of art, now that’s true hipster material right there. Cyril Le Van is an artist who creates his work in a very specific way. It usually involves a symbol of a social or cultural identity reproduced in its real size and 3D, recreated and bound together with stitches or staples. The final product gives off an obvious feeling of being fake, yet appealing at the same time. You might not get any pictures made with this Polaroid, but your friends will surely take a lot of pictures of this uniquely interesting piece.

D*Face & Shepard Fairey

Two of the most iconic names in street art joined forces to create a print which would celebrate their simultaneous shows at the CAC Málaga. D*Face and Shepard Fairey have very different styles which include a variety of color palettes that wouldn’t necessarily work together, so they decided to stick to the colors they both like – black, red and silver. Two opposing murals are made in their signature styles, and they come together very well, making this building in Málaga well worth a visit. But, if you’re not able to fly to Spain and enjoy the epic murals in their grandeur, you can purchase a screen print version on thick white cotton archival paper, signed by both of the artists.


Jesus, Hitler, Chewbacca, the Pope, Chuck Norris, Napoleon, Rambo and a plethora of other iconic figures… now, what could possibly these characters have in common? Well, they have all been depicted in Scott Shneidly’s famous The Pinks series. There’s nothing like a pair of earrings, a purple cap and a pink coat that can extinguish the intimidating effect out of anyone, even Putin, Darth Maul or Rambo. Star Wars characters, world leaders, iconic people and even the infamous former SS members have been all dolled up by this witty and humorous artist. This particular piece is dubbed Strawberry Shortcake Guild, and it’s so lush you can almost taste the pinkness. If you’re looking for something truly unique and unexpected, then look no further.

Robert Indiana - Hope Wall: Black & White, 2009

Who else than Robert Indiana could take a simple term like hope or love and elevate it to a pop cultural logo? One of the leading figures in American art, Indiana played a central role in the growth and development of assemblage art, hard-edge painting and Pop art. Taking his inspiration from commercial signs, Indiana once stated that there are more signs than trees, or even leaves in America, therefor he considers himself as a painter of American landscape. “I’d like to cover the world with HOPE.” is Robert Indiana’s famous quote which inspired the International Hope Day when HOPE sculptures are installed and displayed in locations worldwide. This screen printing of the four letter word which can change the world can become your celebration of hope and an inspiration for a better tomorrow.

JR - Portrait of a Generation / Ladj Ly

The photographer-activist and artist, known as JR, whose real identity is still unconfirmed, describes himself as a “photograffeur”. His work includes converted pictures and photographs into posters, which are then transformed into universal open-air galleries in the streets. As JR himself explained, during the making of this particular photo series he decided to become an artist. After his first guerilla exhibition on the walls of Montfermeil’s ghettos in France in 2004, the artist collaborated with Ladj Ly, who is an inhabitant of the ghetto, known actor and director from the collective Kourtrajmé. The famous photograph named Portrait of a Generation / Ladj Ly shows the direct approach of the artist with the “in your face” effect which is hard to ignore. Available for sale is a screen printing of the same work, signed by the artist.

Ben Eine - Protester

The renowned British street artist, Ben Eine, once made an interesting statement saying that there is a clear distinction between graffiti and street art, where the graffiti make the street ugly, while street art beautifies it. Of course, not everyone would agree with such a claim, but one thing is sure, Ben Eine’s street art definitely embellishes the streets, making very noticeable and clear statements. His famous alphabet lettering can be found in Paris, Stockholm, Hastings, Newcastle, London and other cities. With his signature style of lettering often featured in magazines, promotional materials, music videos and other mediums, why not grab a painting of Ben Eine for yourself. His painting entitled Protester is made of a variety of colors for which the artist is known for, and the radiant letters really pop out from the blackened background.

Banksy - Stop and Search

The encroaching security on our society and the loss of innocence, all wrapped up in a humorous, yet hauntingly cautioning way. Yes, it’s Banksy. The piece entitled Stop and Search features Dorothy and her dog Toto being stopped by a policeman, while the law enforcer routinely goes through her basket in search for something illegal. The print on paper displays a somewhat finer work by the elusive street artist, but the symbolic meaning and the social critic remain in focus as always.

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Featured images:
Scott Scheidly – Strawberry Shortcake Guild
Cyril Le Van – Polaroid
Kurar - My Best Friend
Takashi Murakami - Flower ball Algae ball, 2013
Hannah Parr - Loaf