Urban Art Exhibitions August 11 – 17

August 10, 2014

Language of the Wall

Group Show

Opening: August 13

Pera Museum


There is that specific space that represents the most important surface for emerging artists, as well as those who have been working for years. It is the primary incentive of motivation for every street artist, and a situation for endless possibilities – the wall. During the period from August 13th to October 5th 2014, at the Pera Museum, Istanbul, visitors will be able to read the language of the walls of street artists from different generations and different cultural background. The exhibition will include works of artists from Germany, Japan, France, Spain, America and Turkey.


Onio’s Ecke

Opening: August 14

Urban Spree


Opening August 14th 2014, the exhibition Onio’s Ecke will last until the end of August. The exhibition is a part of the artistic tour Euronio, during which the artist will visit Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam. Antwerp, London and Berlin, spending around seventy five days in Europe. During his time at the Urban Spree Gallery, Onio will be preparing for the exhibition for two weeks in a studio within the gallery, enabling the artist to enrich the space with the power of his creative process.

Bruno Novelli

Materia Radiante

Opening: August 14

David B. Smith Gallery


Opening on Thursday, August 14th Materia Radiante, features a new body of work by the Bruno Novelli  and features a range of media, including paintings on canvas, drawings on paper, digital works, and metagraphic maps. Novelli embraces this plurality in his identity, also going by Bruno 9li, a play on the pronunciation of his last name. In Materia Radiante, Novelli explores concepts elucidated by French philosopher Henri Bergson in hiswork Matter and Memory. Bergson states, "... the separation between one thing and its environment can't be absolutely defined... the strict solidarity which binds all objects in the material universe, the perpetuity of their actions and reciprocal reactions, sufficiently proves that they do not have the precise limits that we relate to them.” The works in the exhibition highlight the component of Bergson’s text that even within unique elements there are connections and similarities and that the boundaries between the single entity and its environment are not solidly defined.

Mr Jago

New Coordinates

Opening: August 14

White Walls


The work of Mr Jago cannot be simply described or categorized. His work is dynamic and full of movement. Paintings by the artist are free flowing and organic, yet can also be described as robotic. In his latest collection, Mr Jago explores these abstracted versions of the robotic figures that defined his early career and explains that by keeping in mind the robotic species, as well as our own, “this body of work is populated by a species of sorts a species deployed to new coordinates.” Mr Jago’s process is a mix of both fantasy and nightmare and “a journey to an unknown place and time.” With a collection of 25 pieces, both on canvas and on paper, and the inclusion of a special 3-meter work on canvas, Mr Jago continues his exploration of new concepts, while revisiting those past.

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