What to See at Urban Art Fair in Paris 2017?

April 17, 2017

Before heading all the way to New York, the Urban Art Fair will re-affirm its position in Paris, with a strong second edition which will feature more than 30 internationally acclaimed galleries in the field. At Le Carreau du Temple, the visitors will be able to see top-notch artworks from world-famous and up-and-coming artists, attend the Cannot be Bo(a)rdered, see an array of outdoor projects and watch screenings of urban art history at the Auditorium. Lasting a day extra this year, the fair promises yet another spectacular edition, and as the opening approaches, we’ve reached out to the exhibitors in order to give an exclusive preview of what to expect - and even buy! Scroll down for a sneak peek of the highlights of the upcoming Urban Art Fair and stay tuned for the exclusive coverage live at Widewalls!

Joel Knafo Art

For their second participation in the Urban Art Fair Paris, Joël Knafo Art galleries will show original works by Astro, Jo Di Bona, Romain Froquet, Philippe Hérard and Levalet. The presentation will be completed by multiples of Shepard Fairey. Visit booth No. 21 for performances and dedications: Friday, April 21 from 4 pm, Romain Froquet and Levalet; Saturday, April 22 from 1 pm - Jo Di Bona; Sunday, April 23, starting at 3 pm - Philippe Hérard.

Featured images: Jo Di Bona - 5 bis rue de Verneuil, 2017. Mixed media on canvas, 2 x 120 x 80 cm (Diptych); Romain Froquet - Rendez-vous, 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 97 cm; Philippe Hérard - Cent-toits. Acrylic on steel, 2 x 116 x 81cm.

Pretty Portal

Owner and curator Klaus Rosskothen of Dusseldorf’s Pretty Portal gallery presents a mixture of established artists and emerging, fresh talents. In Paris, find three of their most acclaimed artists: FinDAC and Jana & JS, with their mesmerizing portraits of youth, and Chazme, with his abstract landscapes.

Featured images: Left: Chazme - MEGAPOLIS, Summers End, 80 x 60 / Right: Chazme- Last Ships, 50 x 50; Left: FinDAC - Alicia Perdida, 102x76cm / Right: FinDAC - Sonica, 102x76cm; Left: JANA & JS - Where have you gone, 100 x 72 cm / Right: JANA & JS - I know you´re gonna be here, 100 x 43 cm

Galerie Mathgoth

Local Galerie Mathgoth will have one of the most numerous line-up of artists at the 2017 UAF. Among the participants, there will be Mademoiselle Maurice, David Walker, Jace, Anders Gjennestad, Cope2, Case Maclaim, Aurel Rubbish... Loyal to their conviction, Mathilde and Gautier Jourdain work with three solid ideas in mind: assist and support the artists, helping to discover, give desire to collect art.

Featured images: Anders Gjennestad - Enter Title Here #20, 2017. Spraypaint and stencils on aluminium, 56x90cm; Jace - untitled, 2016. Spray paint on canvas, 180x130 cm

Vroom and Varossieau

At the 2017 UAF Paris, Vroom & Varossieau will bring SEEN, Cranio, The London Police, D*Face, Jaune and Ben Eine. On view, there will be new works by the “Godfather of Graffiti” SEEN, in form of canvas pieces by the legendary, both of which depict superheroes in a fresh and colorful style. Another especially interesting thing we will have at our stand is a life-size sculpture by the Brazilian artist Cranio. The sculpture (limited edition of 3 + 2 AP’s) depicts one of his iconic blue Indians eating a garish green burger. The work is aptly named I’m on a diet.

Featured images: SEEN - Wolverine, 2017. Spray paint on canvas, 120 x 120 cm; Iron Man, 2017. Spray paint on canvas, 120 x 120 cm; Cranio - I am on a diet, 2016. 3 + 2 AP’s, 200 x 81,5 x 91,5 cm.

Galerie Openspace

Galerie Openspace will bring new exclusive pieces by Augustine Kofie, SatOne, Jan Kalab, Éric Lacan and Mode 2. Launching for the first time in France, there will be the work of Argentinian-born and Barcelona-based artist Franco Fasoli (aka Jaz) with an edition bronze sculpture and some collages. At their booth, make sure you also attend a print release with Éric Lacan and a book signing with C215.

Featured images: Augustine Kofie; Éric Lacan - La Voisine des oiseaux, 65 x 50 cm; Jan Kalab - Lagoon, 2017, 105 x 118 cm; Left Franco Fosoli - El Agradecido, 2017 Right Franco Fosoli - Final De Fiesta, 2017; Left Mode 2 - Ces toutes premières notes, 2016 Right Mode 2 - Syncopated Symbiosis, 2016; Left SatOne - Better Times, 2017, 80 x 100 cm Right SatOne - Cotton, 2017, 120 x 100 cm.

Urban Spree

Berlin’s Urban Spree returns to Paris with two artists: Hendrik Czakainski and Norman Behrendt. Hendrik Czakainski's 7-meter long and curved unique piece 120.630 was last year's sensation at the Fair. In 2017, they are showing a new large installation of Hendrik in the Fair's public space,  as well as a selection of a new body of works. Also on view, the photographic work of Norman Behrendt, from his award-wining series Burning Down the House, a series of iconic and award-winning portraits of Berlin-based graffiti writers which we have exhibited in Urban Spree Galerie in 2015.

Featured images: Artworks by Hendrik Czakainski and Norman Behrendt.

David Pluskwa

David Pluskwa opened his first gallery in 1997, but since 2012 his space has been dedicated solely to urban and contemporary art. In Paris, we will be able to see the works of many familiar names, including Fenx, JonOne, Jef Aérosol, Lenz, Moses & Taps, Saype, SEEN, Skunkdog and Tilt.

Featured images: Jef Aérosol - Butterfly Cow-Boy, 130 x 185; FENX - Midnight Hello Dancer, 130 x 195 cm; SkunkDog - Claudia 2016. Acrylic and collages on canvas, 130 x 162 cm; Left Tilt - BA13 66, 2017. 125 x 90 cm Right TILT - Layers16. 146 x 114 cm.

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