In The Spotlight at Urban Art Fair Paris 2018 - Sculptures

April 14, 2018

The 3rd edition of Urban Art Fair in Paris is taking place between April 12th and 15th, gathering 35 national and international exhibitors within the field of this contemporary art movement.

Apart from canvas-based artworks, an accent has been put on three-dimensional works, with at least one piece being exhibited in almost every booth at Le Carreau du Temple.

From typical urban interventions that evoke the spirit of the New York graffiti from the 1980s to more conceptual pieces, there is a nice variety of sculptural works, and we now bring you 10 that caught our attention!

C215, Galeries Bartoux

Christian Guémy, perhaps better known as C215, is a Parisian artist whose vivid portraits grace the walls of many cities around the world.

He is also famous for his interventions on post boxes, as seen at Urban Art Fair as well, courtesy of Galeries Bartoux. A total of 4 of these pieces are on display, depicting cartoon characters and references to popular culture.

Enris Sant, Adda&Taxie

A local gallery, Adda&Taxie brought the works of Spanish artist Enric Sant to UAF this year, the “brightest” piece being a sculpture installed on the floor and the walls of their booth.

It portrays two figures, seemingly of the same man, reaching out to each other wrapped in golden, shiny paper. There is also an extra pair of arms, for an additional surrealist detail.

Hopare, Galerie 42b

Apart from the large-scale portraits by Hopare that Galerie 42b is exhibiting at their UAF booth, there is also a sculpture titled Primo that is standing outside their walls, ready to greet incoming visitors.

According to the artist, it is one of out five sculptures in the series, and it is the three-dimensional representation of what he usually paints vibrantly on canvas.

L'Atlas, Galerie Martine Ehmer

A space from Belgium, Galerie Martine Ehmer is presenting a fine selection of works by L’Atlas, including grand paintings of his recognizable writing and this piece, titled Grey Iron Soul.

As usual, the French artist wrote his name, and this time it’s in space rather than on canvas - can you tell the letters apart?

Levalet, Galerie Geraldine Zberro

First, there was a piece of one of his signature figures on a bike. Now, there is a whole piano, with two of his signature figures in it, exchanging crabs.

This, of course, is the work of Levalet, as presented by Galerie Geraldine Zberro. There is nothing this guy can’t do - from paste-ups, to canvases and entertaining wall pieces, it is always a pleasure to encounter his works, especially in his homeland!

Mark Jenkins, Art in the Game

The sculptures of Mark Jenkins are always like this - you might miss them, because they blend in so well, but when you do, you start to wonder.

The artist is know for installing human-like pieces across cities, often puzzling the audience by leading them to believe they were actual people.

Here, we see an artwork of a boy whose head seems to be inside the wall of the booth of Art in the Game.

Skunkdog, David Pluskwa Art Contemporain

Like in 2017, the booth of David Pluskwa Art Contemporain is one of the most intriguing ones, all in black and with a black ceiling.

This year, their selection of artworks also includes the ones by Skunkdog, an experienced French artist whose many life experiences reflect well in his works. Rather a wall painting than a sculpture, it is a wooden panel covered in drawings, postcards, a dynamic character holding something like a meat chopper, and a strange, extraterrestrial object that could be.. well, anything.

Zevs, The Garage/Galleri MDA

What better way to leave a mark in France than to honor its culture? This is what Zevs did with his piece Golden Shower, which is an interpretation of Venus de Milo covered in 24-carat gold symbols of Louis Vuitton.

The piece is presented at the booth of The Garage Amsterdam, this year joint with Galleri MDA, which also features glittery pieces by Ben Eine, and marvelous drawings by Ludo as well.

Zenoy, Galerie Ange Basso

Finally, we have a whole piece of a train, to honor graffiti the best way at an event like Urban Art Fair in Paris.

Created by Zenoy and presented by Galerie Ange Basso, it is an installation featuring bright bombings on a piece of a train, with a cardboard cut-out of a man spray-painting the inside of if too.

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