10 Booths Not To Miss at Urban Art Fair Paris 2019

April 11, 2019

One of the annual spring highlights of the Parisian cultural calendar, the Urban Art Fair returns to the city for its fourth exceptional edition. Once again occupying the premises of Le Carreau du Temple, it will bring together both local and international exhibitors and a long list of established artists. The fair has also prepared a rich program of live painting, film screenings, and digital experiences, bringing the best that urban, street and graffiti art have to offer today.

Urban Art Fair 2019 welcomes 32 exhibiting galleries, 11 of which are having their debut. Here is a list of galleries whose booths you should definitely check out.

Featured image: NEVERCREW - Black machine at Teatro Colosseo Torino, 2015

David Pluskwa Art Contemporain

David Pluskwa opened his first gallery in 1997. Becoming passionate about urban and contemporary art, he opened his first gallery dedicated to these art forms in 2012. Located in the heart of Marseille, David Pluskwa Art Contemporain continues to represent established names, while supporting young creation and emerging talents.

For the Urban Art Fair, the gallery will bring works by Jef AérosolLenzSaypeSkunkdogTanc and Tilt.

Featured image: Saype - 7h26, Neuchatel, 2019

Urban Spree

An artistic space in Berlin-Friedrichshain dedicated to urban cultures, Urban Spree the gallery fosters emerging artists and contemporary creation. Through their active residency program, the gallery offers its invited artists and photographers an ideal space for experimentation. Facing Warschauer Str., their 15 m long Artist Wall has been painted by a range of urban creatives.

Their booth will present works by Hendrik Czakainski, EVOL, Jonni Cheatwood, Bisco Smith, Anthony Lister, Lars Wunderlich, Sebas Velasco and Low Bros.

Featured image: Hendrik Czakainski - 6760, 2017


Located in Milan and Rome, Wunderkammern adopts the inspiring principle of those homonymous collections of scientific curiosities and extraordinary objects that used to be gathered together in Renaissance Europe by rulers and aristocrats, merchants and early practitioners of science. It exhibits a genre of work with a strong influence with Relational Art and Public Art, representing artists which explore themes related to the marvelous, the paradox, the connection between the inside and the outside, the conventional and the unaccepted, the private and the public space.

The gallery brings works by Doze GreenShepard Fairey and JonOne.

Featured image: Shepard Fairey - Lenin Stamp, 2018

Galerie Nicolas Xavier

Located in former stables and mansion of the 13th and 14th centuries in Paris, the Nicolas Xavier Gallery has regained its hospitable and welcoming historical character. It is the realization of one of the great aspirations of the founder Nicolas Callu, filled with projects and an ardent passion that he is enthusiastic to share.

The gallery will present works by Bault, Bom.K, Mode2 and Zest.

Featured image: Zest - Fréquence 13, 2019.

Loft du 34

Located at Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris, Loft du 34 was founded in 2016 as a gallery dedicated to urban art, becoming a meeting point in the street art environment. Representing the talent of emerging or confirmed virtuosos, local or international, it is more than a gallery - it is the shrine of unbridled imagination, almost unlimited.

The gallery brings works by Alber, Astro, Brok, Laurence Vallières, London Police, Marko93, Mondé, Monsta, Réso, Shane, Stom500 and Taroe.
Featured image: Shane - Brain News

Galerie Openspace

Another Parisian gallery, Galerie Openspace spans four rooms over three stories in a space located between Bastille and Republique. It is dedicated to promoting, featuring and providing long term support to both emerging as well as confirmed international artists.

Their booth will exhibit works by Mist, Maxime Drouet, Dan Rawlings, Madame, Levalet, Doze Green, Crystal Wagner and Éric Lacan.

Featured image: Mist - Quiet-Storm, 2017

Galerie Ground Effect

An underground art gallery in Paris launched in 2017, Galerie Ground Effect is atypical space dedicated to exhibiting urban art. It has evolved into a must for collectors looking for talents.

The visitors will have an opportunity see works by L'Outsider, Robert Combas, Swiz, Franck Pellegrino, Nubian, Dourone, Ko, Bebar, Ride In Peace, Rafael Sliks, Yassine Mekhnache, JonOneTaroe, Supakitch, Anti and Bockhaus.

Featured image: Bebar – The Last Drink, 2015


Located in Melano, Switzerland, Artrust comprises a wide and varied selection of modern and contemporary works - alongside the masterpieces of some great names of the twentieth century coexist the works of artists of the massive movement, which today goes by the name of Street Art. 

The gallery will exhibit Banksy, Blu, Ericailcane, Keith Haring, NevercrewOzmo, Raul33, Andrea, Ravo and Serena Maisto.

Featured image: NEVERCREW - Black machine at Teatro Colosseo Torino, 2015

Galerie Brugier-Rigail

A gallery with a unique artistic and aesthetic line, Galerie Brugier-Rigail is at once urban and contemporary. The aesthetic line of the gallery has naturally taken an "old school" trajectory, presenting pioneers of urban art of the 1980s.

The gallery will bring together works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, JonOne, MadC, John Matos Crash, M.Chat and Nick Walker.

Featured image: Keith Haring - The Blueprint drawings, 1990

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