Urban Space at Kirk Gallery

February 6, 2015

The city of Aalborg, Denmark is rapidly becoming one of the most important culture and urban art centers in Europe. The previous projects by the KIRK Gallery conducted in the last few months created an energetic public space in some of Aalborg’s neighborhoods with vivid murals. As a continuation of these endeavors led by KIRK Gallery, a new show is happening this month, for which highly recognized street artists have been selected.

Right: 50x40 cm
Left: Sepe and Robert (Tone) Proch, New Mural, Aalborg, Denmark / Right: Robert Proch, Daybed Pond, Acrylic on canvas

Out in the Open

Out in the Open mural project has been implemented in the past months on the streets of Aalborg. The most recent mural within this project was created by famous South African graffiti artist Faith47. For the purposes of this project, she made a wonderful and strong portrait of a railroad worker as a historical reference to the place where the mural is located. Out in the Open project has a very clear statement, which is that art should be for all, and not only for the privileged groups. All citizens could benefit from the murals projects such as this on in Aalborg is.

90 x 130 cm
Onur, Empty the Trash, 2014, acrylic on wood

Urban Space

As a form of extension of the Out in the Open mural project, the KIRK Gallery organizes a group show named Urban Space. As a part of a larger platform for performing street artists, this show will exhibit the works by some of the key artists of the international urban and street art scene. The latest works by these artists will be showed at the event, and besides the gallery space, they will work at the locations where some murals already have been created.

120 x 60 cm
Vesod, Beyond the ego, Oil on Canvas

Artists at the Urban Space

Peeta, known for his attempts to confer a three-dimensional semblance in a pictorial representation, but also for his sculptures, will exhibit the newly created works dominated by white color. The works will be on sale, with the prices ranging from 2.400 € to 9.000 €. Wes21 will present works that are tackling the problems of the relations between the human and the nature, as well as the artist’s perception of the consumeristic society in which we live in. His works will be on sale as well, with the prices around 3.400 €. The colorful murals and paintings by Sepe will be part of the show as well, with two paintings on sale for 1.200 €. Italian artist Vesod will show his new realistic paintings with geometrical shapes stressing the realistic representation of the figures, with two painting offered for sale with the prices around 2.000 €. The Polish muralist and painter Robert Proch has already worked on murals in Aalborg, yet in this exhibition he will also present new impressionist paintings that will be offered for sale for the price ranging from 1.045 € up to 2.145 €. Finally, Onur will present three paintings in which the artist explores the impact of the contemporary busy every-day life to the human psychology. These paintings cost 5.100 € each.

150 x 65 x 25 cm
Peeta, Pinball, 2014, Sculpture

Urban Space at the KIRK Gallery

The exhibition will be opened by Lene Kirk, who will tell more about the artists and the Out in the Open mural project. The show once again proves the status of Aalborg as an emerging artistic center of street, urban and contemporary art. With so many interesting artists and works, and with the murals accompanied by the gallery show, you will just have to visit the exhibition if you are able to do so. The group show Urban Space will be held at the KIRK Gallery in Aalborg, and it will be on view from February 7th until February 28th.

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Left: 50x40 cm / Right: 120 x 80 cm
Left: Robert Proch: Daybed Pond, Acrylic on canvas / Right: Wes21, Culture, 2015, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

100x150 cm
Vesod, No title, Oil on canvas

Featured Image:  Peeta, Gate 22, 2013

All images courtesy of the KIRK Gallery.

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