Urban Spree Presents: Graffiti without Graffiti Book and Exhibition

July 13, 2015

An interesting collaboration between The Grifters platform and Urban Spree Galerie in Berlin is about to occur in the next couple of weeks. Graffiti without Graffiti book, co-published by The Grifters and the gallery, will be presented along with the photography exhibition focusing, not on the graffiti artworks itself, as much as the people behind them and the context surrounding the graffiti writing practices. I don‘t know about you, but as a passionate book reader and an urban art admirer I feel really excited about these recent projects of merging urban art with the literary media, and truly hope to see more of them in the future.

Urban Spree Galerie
The Grifters - Graffiti without Graffiti Book, 2015

The Grifters Exhibition in Berlin

The Grifters Platform first started ten years ago as a photo blog covering the theme of the graffiti lifestyle. It was created by the journalist and photographer Good Guy Boris, who has always been attracted to the notion of alternative lifestyles of groups and individuals perceived as the outcasts by the society. Trying to catch the artists at work, and capture the spirit of the graffiti writing at its source is what, unfortunately, lead him to the four months of imprisonment. In the long run, this unlucky event made his initiative even stronger instead of stopping it, and the final result was the rise of popularity of this project and more people joining it. Currently, besides the creator of the project, The Grifters platform gathers photographers 1992 Collective, BadYear85 and Thorfine, writer James Hattrick and photographer and illustrator Eewan. Works of each of these artists in their preferred media will be featured in this exhibition with the common thread between them being the challenging task of depicting the experiences surrounding the graffiti culture and lifestyle without actually showing the graffiti itself.

Urban Spree Galerie
The Grifters - Graffiti without Graffiti Book, 2015 - Eewan, preview

Graffiti in the Book

Graffiti without Graffiti is a self-published book by The Grifters in collaboration with Urban Spree Galerie. This book will feature photographs, illustrations and artworks created by The Griftors collective, and it is the first time the works of all the artists behind this project are collected in a single publication. Graffiti without Graffiti book is the collector’s limited edition, printed in 500 copies. All copies are signed and numbered and also housed in a black slipcase. The official release date is set for July 16th, but for those who are unable to visit the gallery and also those in a real hurry to get their copy as soon as possible, an exclusive internet presale will be organized on July 13th on Urban Spree website.

Urban Spree Galerie
The Grifters - Graffiti without Graffiti Book, 2015 - BadYear85, preview

Graffiti without Graffiti at Urban Spree Galerie

As we mentioned earlier, the release date of the Graffiti without Graffiti book is July 16th, 2015 and it will be followed by the exhibition which aims to expand the story surrounding this recent project by The Grifters platform. The presentation of the book and the exhibition opening are set for July 16th starting from 19 pm, with artists in attendance and the following party in the garden of Urban Spree Galerie. The exhibition will stay on view until the 31st of July, 2015.

Graffiti in the book, graffiti on the walls, it doesn’t really matter to us because we follow them everywhere! So sign up for My Widewalls for FREE and join us on our quest for urban art!

Featured images:
The Grifters - Graffiti without Graffiti Book Cover, 2015
The Grifters - Graffiti without Graffiti Book, 2015 - 1992 Collective, preview
The Grifters - Graffiti without Graffiti Book, 2015 - Good Guy Boris, preview
The Grifters - Graffiti without Graffiti Book, 2015 -Thorfine, preview

All images courtesy of Urban Spree Galerie and The Grifters

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