Urvanity Art 2019 Brings the Best of the New Contemporary Art Movement

February 4, 2019

The New Contemporary Art Movement, gathering disciplines based in Urban Art, Post Graffiti, Surrealist Pop or the new Pop Art, has grown exponentially in the last twenty years due to its constant presence in public spaces and galleries and a growing passion among the general public, various circles of the art community and the media.

Urvanity, the first Spanish Fair dedicated to New Contemporary Art, is an event not to be missed during the Madrid Art Week. Coming back for its third edition this February, Urvanity 2019 will serve as a meeting point for the most renowned artists, galleries, collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

This year, the fair will welcome 24 local and international galleries bringing the best New Contemporary Art has to offer. In addition to the rich gallery program, the fair has prepared a program of interventions, murals and art installations by recognized artists as well as a program of conferences, talks and roundtables curated by the creators of the Urban Art Bible and Brooklyn Street Art. For the first time, the fair will also include a section dedicated to solo shows of a selection of internationally renowned artists.

“It is about the diffusion of contemporary art and collecting of the greater public thanks to the attractiveness that offers the artistic practice developed in the urban context,” explains the Fair Director Sergio Sancho.

Artez - Thirst, 2018, Dario Maglionico - Reificazione #52, 2018
Left: Artez - Thirst, 2018. Galo Art Gallery / Right: Dario Maglionico - Reificazione #52, 2018. Antonio Colombo

Urvanity 2019 Exhibitors

For its third edition, Urvanity will welcome an impressive selection of 24 local and international galleries. Some of the international highlights are Wunderkammern from Italy, with artists exploring themes related to the marvelous, the paradox, the connection between the inside and the outside, the conventional and the unaccepted, the private and the public space; RuArts Gallery from Russia, exhibiting different types of modern art including painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture and installation; Urban Spree from Germany, an artistic space in Berlin-Friedrichshain dedicated to urban cultures through exhibitions, artist residencies, DIY workshops and concerts; ADDA & TAXIE  from France, with exhibitions mainly focusing on Street Art and Graffiti; while local highlights include My Name’s Lolita Art from Valencia, opting for the dissemination and representation of young Spanish and international artists linked to contemporary art in all its disciplines; Swinton Gallery from Madrid, focusing on street and urban contemporary Art, Illustration and photography.; Fousion Gallery from Barcelona, focusing on Illustration, Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow, Urban Art and Street art; and SC Gallery from Bilbao, an independent endeavor specializing in contemporary artists from the street art, graffiti, illustration and graphic design scenes.

The fair will present renowned international artists such as Miaz Brothers, Hendrik Czakainski, Marat Morik, Hell'O Collective, Dilka Bear and Logan Hicks, as well as local artists such as Grip Face, Mario Mankey, Anna Taratiel, BelinDaniel Muñoz and Sfhir, among others. As part of the new Specia Curated Program, The fair will also present solo shows by Miss Van, Dan WitzJan Kalab and Sam3.

The List of Exhibitors

The Accompanying Program

With an aim to highlight the best artistic talent of the current scene, the fair introduced the new Special Curated Program which will be composed of solo shows, art interventions and murals. The invited group of national and international art experts will be curators of these special sections.

Presenting the work of accomplished artists in a more complete way, a program of solo shows includes exhibitions by Miss Van, Dan WitzJan Kalab and Sam3. Within the section dedicated to installations, Urvanity will promote the creation of site-specific works which will create a dialogue with its context. Once again, the fair will organize a series of outdoor interventions throughout the city.

The art program will be accompanied by a program of conferences, talks and roundtables bringing together leading professionals, artists and specialists, which will shed light on the contemporary creation based in urban context.

The Location of Urvanity 2019- LASEDE COAM Madrid

Practical Information

Urvanity 2019 will take place at LASEDE COAM in Madrid from February 28th until March 3rd, 2019. The Preview will be organized on Thursday, February 28th (for professionals only), from 4 to 8 p.m.

The doors of the fair will be open to the public from 12 to 9 p.m. on Friday, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. The price of the One-Day Ticket will be 10 euros (≈$11.5), while the Three-Day Pass will be 25 euros (≈$29).

For more information, visit the official website of the fair.

Marat Morik - Hot Persuit, 2017
Marat Morik - Hot Persuit, 2017. RuArts

GR170 Ceramics. MATÍAS SÁNCHEZ - Pintor ruso con cuadro negro Óleo sobre lino
Left: GR170 Ceramics. Montana / Right: MATÍAS SÁNCHEZ - Pintor ruso con cuadro negro Óleo sobre lino. Manuel Ojeda

Laurina Paperina - Groviera Island, 2018
Laurina Paperina - Groviera Island, 2018. Martina's Gallery

Featured image: Urvanity Venue, LASEDE COAM. All images courtesy of Urvanity.

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