Check Out These Street Installations in Madrid, Courtesy Urvanity Art 2020!

February 27, 2020

As every year, Urvanity Art 2020 makes its presence not only inside the fair but also on the streets of Madrid - the place where they come from. In collaboration with Madrid Capital de Moda, the fair brought art outside of gallery walls to activate the city through public installations created by artists Dunja Janković, Samuel Salcedo, Abel Iglesias and Laurence Vallières.

To follow this art trail that transformed Madrid's city center, you can start with Abel Iglesias' one in front of Reina Sofia and then continue to the one by Samuel Alcedo's and Dunja Janković's one, only to finish with Laurence Vallières' one inside the fair.

All images by Angie Kordic / Widewalls.

Abel Iglesias, Callao Square

A Valencia-based multidisciplinary artist, Abel Iglesias has developed a language that celebrates the importance of color by exploiting its livelier side. Known for his striking interventions in public spaces, he investigates color, abstraction and different materials to create works that give dynamic fun to spaces where they intervene.

Presented by Montana Gallery Barcelona in Callao Square, the artist created a fantastic installation featuring a massive steel cube adorned with highly polished contrasting elements.

Samuel Salcedo, Juan Goytisolo Square

Through his practice, the Spanish artist Samuel Salcedo seeks to emphasize the masked nature of human beings. Human emotion takes on sculptural form in his hyper-realistic creations that always question the viewer with their subtle irony and vulnerability. These works always reflect the artist's technical mastery, due to the diversity of materials he uses.

The public can now enjoy three of Salcedo's amazing pieces at Juan Goytisolo Square, presented by 3 Punts Galería. Made of aluminum, these three round sculptures are done in his distinct hyperrealistic style, presenting an array of human emotions.

Dunja Janković, San Ildefonso Square

The interdisciplinary work of the young Croatian artist Dunja Janković spans comics as an abstract narration, collaging, painting and screen printing, site-specific paste-up actions and installations. She spends half her year in Croatia, during which time she curates an experimental and fringe arts festival called ŠKVER, and the other half of her year is spent in Portland, Oregon, where she teaches in the comics certificate program at the Independent Publishing Resources Center.

The artist created unique photo stand-ins that transform you into an abstracted graphic work, presented by Pantocrator Gallery in San Ildefonso Square. You can choose between the three ones that take different shapes and colors.

Laurence Vallières, COAM

A Montreal-based artist, Laurence Vallières is best known for her animal sculptures made from recycled cardboard cutouts. Through an innovative use of materials, she explores relationships, communication and political issues, while making a bid for environmental responsibility along the way.

With her installation at COAM, where Urvanity Art 2020 itself takes place, the artist seeks to dive into the industry behind the cartoons and characters themselves. With the work depicting Mickey Mouse and a triceratops, what she really creates is the idea of having the cartoon themselves being blinded by their own brand. She hopes to bring people to a level of critical thinking that she hopes is beneficial to them regarding their behavior as consumers. The work is presented by Swinton Gallery.

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