These Are the 5 New Murals in Madrid for Urvanity Art 2020!

March 1, 2020

As every year, Urvanity Art brings us a special program of Walls and artistic interventions, embellishing some of the best spots in the city. For this edition, five artists contributed to the city's landscape, adding to the twelve pieces that Urvanity Art already made happen. Sponsored by Mahou, this year's program welcomes NEVERCREW presented by Artrust, GVIIIE presented by La Causa Galeria, Franck Noto aka ZEST presented by Le Feuvre & RozeEVER presented by B-murals and D*FACE presented by StolenSpace Gallery.

We took a tour around Madrid to catch up with all the artists in the city and check out their amazing works.

Images by Angie Kordic / Widewalls.

NEVERCREW, 14 Augusto Figueroa Street

A Swiss duo composed of two urban artists, Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni, NEVERCREW are celebrated for their distinct visual hybrid combining a simple graphical structure with realistic and formally complex elements, arranged in different spatial levels. Working on particular “living systems”, the duo explores the human condition and the relationship between mankind and nature.

With their latest work in Madrid, the duo continues to raise awareness of how nature is gradually reducing in favor of human progress. Focusing on disproportion, on the delicate balance, the work speaks of the reduction of the bear population, as well as the overall natural environment and animal species. The work is also connected to the city's emblem, the bear with "the strawberry tree". This way, the animal is as much a local symbol as it is a global one.

Franck Noto aka Zest, 40 Lavapies Street

One of the leading graffiti artists in France, Franck Noto aka Zest is known for his unique abstract vocabulary characterized by decomposed movements. Over the years, he has turned his work into a much more personal form of expression, significantly progressing towards abstraction.

Combining different energies found in graffiti, Zest brings them out through the basic shapes and the primary colors he uses. This is also the case with the piece on the Lavapies street which is adding a perfect touch of color to the area. Its bright colors symbolize the aspect of urban art that immediately catches the eye of passers-by, while its transparency of forms reflects an accumulation of energies and movements.

Image by Urvanity Art.

GVIIIE, 3 Almendro Street

GVIIIE got immersed in the world of graffiti during his teenage years, combining it with Graphic Design studies in Madrid’s Escuela de Arte 10 and Cinema Studies in the University of Arts London. Painting in a range of surfaces, he has developed a distinct neo-rupestrian style.

Painting in 3 Almendro street, the artist created a work that speaks of the timeless dimension in art. He tried to capture this concept through two designs - one of an abstract of a Caravaggio painting El tañidor de laúd and the other depicting a youngster listening to music over the phone. As he explained, the experience of painting in the street is always intense, being exposed to both good and bad feedback. He would also like to raise a concern about expanding communication with the local community for better and longer health of institutional street art.

Nicolás Romero aka EVER, 19 Embajadores Street

Coming from Buenos Aires, Nicolás Romero aka Ever believes that graffiti is a point of connection for people. He is best known for his massive portraits that portray the great characters of past history, but also common people or his family. He also explores the relationship we have with objects, blending abstract and figurative images in bright colors.

For each piece, Ever does anthropological research, seeking to discover the values and issues connected to specific communities where he works. Therefore, his rich and colorful piece on Embajadores Street combines art history references with figurative elements typical of the Lavapies neighborhood. The artist used motifs from Matisse's iconic 1910 painting Dance, which symbolizes a strong sense of unity and a high level of community consciousness in the neighborhood. Inside Matisse's dance circle, the artist added an assemblage of fruits, flowers and a range of different objects, all referencing El Rastro, a lively and multicultural flea market taking place each Sunday in Lavapies. On top of that, an assortment of kittens is there to provide a cuteness relief, while also sending a political message. Ever is quite happy with the feedback from the local community, highlighting the importance of creating a dialogue with them instead of just invading their space.

Photos by Angie Kordic / Widewalls and Fernando Alcalá Losa.

D*Face, 21 Embajadores Street

Rising to fame in 2005, D*Face captivated the art world with his inexhaustible mind full of ideas and endless creativity. Constantly reinventing himself, he is known for his pop-inflected body of work that critiques the modern world, in particular, consumerism and the American Dream.

Located just across EVER's piece, his latest mural is drawn from his canvas titled Run Away. A part of the series of works that deal with love and romance, it depicts a lover's embrace in which the guy is already melting and disappearing.

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