What to See at Urvanity? Top Booths at Madrid's First Urban Art Fair

February 20, 2017

Running between February 23rd and 26th, 2017 at Neptuno Palace in Madrid, the very first edition of the Urvanity Art Fair will serve as a meeting point where both expert and amateur art collectors can admire and purchase a carefully curated selection of New Contemporary Art. Unlike the renowned ARCO Contemporary Art Fair that Urvanity and other satellite fairs during the Art Week in Madrid, Urvanity offers a different kind of artistic content and something unprecedented: a New Contemporary Art that is already established on an international level, with totally new proposals that have never been shown under the same roof at other fairs or events in Madrid. Promising to be nothing short of spectacular, this New Contemporary Art Fair is bringing together 17 international exhibitors and will showcase some of our favorite names like Banksy, D*Face, Jef Aérosol and Moses & Taps.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting booths at Urvanity!

Featured image: Urvanity Art Fair.

Vroom and Varossieau

Founded in Amsterdam in 2010 by Isabelle Vroom and Olivier Varossieau, the gallery Vroom & Varossieau focuses on urban contemporary and street art movements, aiming to excite and inspire. Not afraid to challenge the status quo and stir things up, the gallery works with internationally diverse artists ranging from emerging young talent to big and bold names in the field. For the Urvanity Art Fair, the gallery will bring pieces by BanksyJaune, The London Police, Søren Solkær, Cranio, and Ben EINE. The gallery will also have Ben EINE paint a wall in the city center of Madrid. Also, be sure not to miss their Banksy solo booth!

Featured image: Vroom and Varossieau.

Galerie Martine Ehmer

Located in Brussels, the Galerie Martine Ehmer is specialized in Contemporary and Urban Art. It presents both emerging and established contemporary artists with diverse and multicultural profiles, working in a range of media going from figurative and abstract painting to photography, sculpture and video. A regular at national and international art fairs, the gallery has prepared some interesting projects for the Urvanity Art Fair. The highlights include a very large-scale piece by Jef Aerosol that will be presented in the middle of the fair with great visibility, and a monumental fresco that the French artist L’Atlas will paint in the center of Madrid.

Featured images: Galerie Martine Ehmer.


A unique and internationally renowned gallery space that focuses on Public Art, OPEN WALLS Gallery has a strong passion for further developing the terms and ideologies of the movement, as well as an in-depth knowledge of every artist they represent. Since dealing street art and graffiti within a gallery context can be conceptually challenging, the gallery particularly pays attention on the kind of works and medium they present. For the Urvanity Art Fair, the gallery will present works by OX, Vermibus, and Jordan Seiler. Each photo of Jordan Seiler contains a digital trigger, and the hidden content within the image can be discovered with Public Ad Campaign app.

Featured images: Open Walls Gallery; OX - La Contrainte. All images courtesy of Open Walls Gallery.

Plastic Murs

Located in Valencia, Plastic Murs is a dynamic space dedicated to showing new contemporary art as an expression of popular culture today. For the occasion of the Urvanity Art Fair, the gallery will present the work of artists Jessica Hess, SatOne, Nelio and PichiAvo. One of the largest and most impressive works of their booth will certainly be a piece by PichiAvo titled Urban Warrior.

Featured images: Plastic Murs Gallery; SatOne - Open Window; PichiAvo - Urban Warrior; Nelio - Abstract Alphabet 15; Jessica Hess -Underpass I. All images courtesy of Plastic Murs.

Swinton and Grant

Swinton and Grant from Madrid was conceived as a meeting point for artists working in different disciplines who develop the most radical and new codes. It is a singular space and a residence program suitable for different uses and artistic projects focused in both national and international markets. For the Urvanity Art Fair, the gallery will feature works by the Mexican artist Edgar Flores SANER, such as Marchanta from 2016, Guyan el protector from 2015, Ravi el protector from 2015, Amantes eternos from 2015 and Cronos devorando 43 angeles from 2015; works by Mario Mankey, such as Lobby or not lobby from 2016, About ribs about heels 2 from 2016, Entropy from 2017, and This is not the apocalypse from 2017; and works by the American artist Robert Hardgrave, such as Stewards from 2015, Manray from 2016, and Manray 2 from 2016.

Featured images: Swinton Gallery; SANER - Marchanta, 2016; Robert Hardgrave, 2015; Mario Mankey - Lobby or not lobby, 2016. All images courtesy of Swinton Gallery.

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