Punto618 Presents Vesod Art Exhibition

December 7, 2016

As we approach the end of the year, a solo exhibition of the artist known as Vesod will round the program at Turin-based Punto618 gallery. Vesod finally comes back to his own city and exhibits in the beautiful Venaria Reale after his successful world tour which included shows in USA, China, France, Germany as well as collaborations with renowned international galleries. Under the enigmatic name of Land(e)scape, he will present his newest series of paintings, an attempt to represent the evasion from reality, a horizon, a landscape, as if it were an escape to the outer space and visual postmodern exploration of the new dimensions.

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Vesod - Event Horizon series 2, 2016, detail

Where Art Meets Science

As an artist, Vesod got most of his talent from his father, well-known Italian surrealistic painter Dovilio Brero, whose flamboyant and complex fictional worlds influenced his young and aspiring son since the earliest days. At the peak of the graffiti art in Italy in the 1990s, Vesod developed skill and interest for contemporary street and urban art and worked as part of the SCO crew – an interdisciplinary artistic collective based in Turin. Although he was involved in art as a teenager, Vesod started his professional engagement after ten years of mastering his authorship. Today, his personal artistic style is reflected in graffiti art focused on the history of Italian art, especially on Renaissance and Futuristic explorations of human proportion and dynamics. His career of a prominent mathematician influenced his art. One of the major concepts of his art practice is the perception of time as continuum, and the notion that time and space are unbreakably connected. On the principles of early Italian Futurism, Vesod visually explores time and its own possibilities through three-dimensional space. In his canvases and murals, time is stretched and fragmented, then frozen into crystal modules and united into the abrupt new continuum again.

check brero instagram for wall festival san francisco
Left: Event Horizon series, 2016 / Right: Vesod working in atelier

New Event Horizon(s)

Much of Vesod's artistic language is a geometric, colorful exploration of classical composition and the Old Masters signature. The artist's latest visual research is conducted thematically, deriving from the concept of horizon. He considers time as a concept, closed and sheltered by solid shapes, blocks of color and crystalized geometrical abstract shapes. The idea of enclosing time physically extends from the concept of capturing the moment and goes further, in order to visually revisit the idea of eternal presence. In Vesod’s new series Event Horizon(s), there is a wordplay between the presence and the present, since the physical presence of time is the only visual manifestation of the present; thus it becomes the eternity. In the artist’s own words: “The horizon of the events is the unsurpassable limit in which an instant become eternity of our universe. The idea is to place the observer on the horizon of the events to show him a new reality where space and time come together”.

Vesod - Galileo, 2016, detail

Land(e)scape - Vesod Art at Punto618

In his new solo show Land(e)scape at Punto618 Art Gallery in Turin, Vesod will present new artworks in acrylic on canvas. The idea of the Land(e)scape concept derived from the broader field of his recent Event Horizons explorations, based on utopian new reality where space and time merge. The exhibition opening is set for Sunday, 18th December 2016 at 5pm at Punto618 Art Gallery, Via Cesare Battisti 2, 10078 Venaria Reale, Turin, Italy. The exhibition will be open until 29th January 2017.

Featured images: Vesod - Event Horizon series, 2016, detail; Vesod - Exhibition poster at Punto618 Art Gallery, 2016. All images courtesy of  Punto618 Art Gallery.

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