Vhils – Vestiges

September 23, 2014

Through the power of destroying endless layers of billboard ads and surfaces of the wall, in order to (re)construct meaning in the context of contemporary reality, Vhils has managed to redefine the nature of “stencils” and the notion of street art itself. Creating extraordinary pieces in urban spaces across the globe, Vhils installs the intriguing and thought-provoking portraits of inspiring characters. He has had an amazing year, filled with remarkable projects, and he is coming to Paris to present a new body of artwork…

Vhils - Vestiges
Vhils, artwork

Remember Dissection

Vhils’ exhibition Dissection at EDP Foundation Lisbon, which opened in July, is an amazing exploration of symbolism and matter. The artist took upon himself a daring task of deconstructing the objects of his inspiration as well as the path which lead him to become the person he is today. Vhils has come to be a true postmodern artist who understands that art needs to go beyond contrasting or imitating the social context of reality and be a method of (re)defining the context itself… There is not much time to experience this mesmerizing project of deconstruction, so hurry to Lisbon – the exhibition ends on October 5th!

Vhils - Vestiges
Vhils, Freeport mural (photo by Gerry Huberty)

Vhils’ Entropy

One of the most recent Vhils’ achievements is reflected in the release of his new book called Entropy. The title itself refers to a multi-layered meaning. Greek origins of the word refer to “transformation” or “processing”, but the most literal translation would be “turning”. Perhaps Vhils whishes to convey his transformation from a graffiti writer to the artist who interacts with the wall in a whole other manner today. Of course, if we were to steer ourselves to a more modern interpretation, “entropy” is a measure of disorder, thus conveying the nature of space in which Vhils is creating. The book features many photographs of international works of art by the artist and also, what is most interesting (at least to the author of these lines), an insight to the unique methodology, including the materials, technique and artistic process used by Vhils.

Vhils - Vestiges
Vhils, Entropie


After the project at Lisbon comes to an end, Vhils is not going to wait long to present a new body of work to his followers, urban art enthusiasts and the public. From October 11th, lasting until November 15th 2014, at Magda Danysz gallery in Paris, the artist will showcase his work through a solo exhibition called Vestiges. The mixture of portrait and abstract patterns within art pieces is achieved through work on various materials, such as cork, wood, paper and metal. Thus, the artist will explore the city memory and its citizens’ story…

Vhils - Vestiges
Vhils, artwork

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