Iconic Walls of Street Art in One Place - in Virtual Reality! - Thanks to the UMA at UAF Paris

April 14, 2018

There is no doubt that street art is a global phenomenon; thanks to the talent of numerous artists, we are living in a world full of murals, graffiti, painted trains and walls. Now, imagine the most iconic walls that the movement has seen so far - the ones by pioneers like Blek le Rat, Richard Hambleton, Banksy, Jef Aerosol, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey…

Courtesy of the technology available today and the Universal Museum of Art (UMA for short), we are now able to enjoy a small, but rather spectacular course of history of street art in virtual reality, through A Walk Through Street Art exhibition that has been available online since April 3rd.

But for those who are visiting Urban Art Fair at Le Carreau du Temple in Paris this weekend, there is a chance to enjoy the show using VR sets, as the exhibition was curated by UAF director Yannick Boesso. It surely is an immersive experience that guides you through carefully selected artworks, shows you information about them, and introduces you to their setting, in part also thanks to the iconic photographs by Henry Chalfant.

If we cannot travel the whole planet in order to see these amazing works, A Walk into Street Art show is the closest we can get.

The Universal Museum of Art is the very institution of its kind in virtual reality, dedicated to being accessible for everyone, everywhere, anytime, and for free. This is their second exhibition in VR, and has been an absolute hit at the 2018 Urban Art Fair. We caught up with UMA’s founder, Jean Vergès, to talk about the idea behind the exhibition, UMA’s existence and of course - virtual reality itself.

Have a listen below!

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A Walk into Street Art at The UMA

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