Weekly Highlights: April 13-19

Weekly Highlights

April 20, 2015

Another week of spring behind us, another week of appreciating good art here on Widewalls. From a variety of topics dedicated to different artistic genres we carefully chose for you to read, there is a little bit of everything: street art, contemporary art galleries, exhibitions, some nude art and new artistic movements. Pretty much a regular week! We were also thrilled to see you appreciated our artist of the week, Guy Denning, as much as we did, because there really is a fair number of great reasons for which he ended up there.

As for the rest, it was no surprise to see you were interested the Top ten galleries in Cologne, since that’s the place to be, even when there are no fairs like Art Cologne or KÖLNER LISTE. As art hardly ever stops re-inventing itself and being innovative, new art movements are always welcome - thus, we’ve got Art Kieda. There is never enough group street art shows either, so the one to take place in Breda, The Netherlands is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area - but even if you aren’t, it’s a great excuse to go there. Finally, the tantalizing nude photography of a female body, the regular in our Weekly Highlights, strikes again, this time through the lens of John Emrys.

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Guy Denning - Widewalls Artist Of The Week

The self-taught English contemporary painter, now based in France, is also a fine example of where artistic talent can take you with perseverance. Guy Denning was declined entry into several art colleges to study during the 1980’s, but continued painting while studying art history instead. Luckily for us, his strong style of artwork won through, emerging out of the urban art scene in Bristol and also forming the Neomodern artist group in 1997, which also included Antony Micallef amongst others. The Neomodern artist group was set up in opposition to contemporary art being stifled by state supported organisations and art institutions, a political stance with punk rock attitude that can be felt in much of the striking work of Guy Denning. Whether creating urban street art or studio based work, there is no mistaking the dynamic and energetic artworks of Guy Denning, his unique figurative work often full of raw emotion, either created in oils on canvas, often with layers revealing hidden text or the stark drawings created with Conté and chalks.

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Cologne’s Ten Best Contemporary Art Galleries

Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city and as such has an art community to match that status. The vibrant art scene in Cologne has made it internationally renowned and it is now home to more than 36 museums and over 100 galleries that cover every mix of classical and contemporary art, meaning there is something for everyone is the city. Cologne is also well known for its annual art fair, established in 1967 and regarded as the oldest art fair of its kind. You can read more about Art Cologne 2015 that runs between 16th and 19th April, 2015. Running at the same time in Cologne will be KÖLNER LISTE 2015, an art fair established in 2014, providing a platform for new contemporary art with excellent potential for collectors.

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John Emrys’ Sensual Nudity

When looking at John Emrys photography, one can think of the aesthetic glamour of the 1920s and even the works of great photographers. What’s so great about these images is the fact that they tell a story, rather than just showing all the curves and details of a nude female body. John Emrys’ models are placed in different environments, of which they become part and begin a narrative in a highly artistic and metaphoric way, connected to each other by texture, color or meaning. The sensibility of these images is extraordinary, offering the viewers a divine vision that can only be looked at, but not touched, even though it’s more real than ever. Whether they’re black and white, seppia or polished and colored, the photographs of John Emrys are gorgeous, important, non-sexist, non-ageist works of art.

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What is Art Kieda?

Contemporary art is, indeed, in crisis for a long time. Dealers, auction houses and wealthy collectors greatly determine current terms of art production. Nevertheless, there are politically aware artist which do not hesitate to criticize the existing situation. Approaches differ, but the struggle for other kind of perception stays as a crucial task of one’s artistic practice. Especially if we are talking about experiments in public space. Art Kieda is an arto-politico humorist movement led by self proclaimed art terrorist, AK47theartist. The man behind this initiative is actually Andy Link, a Leeds United fan and art lover whose former careers include acid house promoter and porn producer.

More of this in Art Kieda: A New Movement

The Breda Group Show of Street Art

Breda Street Art Exhibition is an upcoming group show that is going to take place in Breda, Holland the following week. Breda Street Art is organized by Vroom & Varossieau and has international character. It is going to feature works of nine street artists who are amongst the most famous graffiti artists of today. Including the great Banksy followed by Logan Hicks, The London Police, Faile, Retna, Jaune, HandiedanJon Burgerman and Kaws, Breda Street Art Exhibition is first of many shows that Vroom & Varossieau are planning. Vroom & Varossieau are founders of the Look for Art Gallery established in 2010. The Festival represents collaboration between Breda Street Art and Graphic Design Festival Breda.

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