Weekly Highlights: August 17 - 23

Weekly Highlights

August 24, 2015

If you were alive this past week, you probably heard about Banksy’s Dismaland amusement park. It was definitely the news of the week.. the month… the year even? Our favourite street artist was nowhere to be seen since his trip to Gaza earlier this year, and then BOOM! He is back big style, and he brought a whole festival of art with him. After failing to cover up his intentions with the story of an alleged Hollywood movie being filmed on the location of his latest exhibition, Banksy had a lot of success with Dismaland nevertheless, with tickets being sold at the speed of light. Naturally, we were all about the topic these past few days, and we were curious to know who Banksy collaborated with on this unusually weird project, and why some people missed its entire point. Dismaland will stay open until September 27th, and until then, you can rest assured there will be some more talk about it all.

As surreal as it sounds, there were other art events happening in the world as well. Here, we talk about a beautiful tribute to a Damien Hirst statue paid by American musician Amanda Palmer, outside the New York Public Library. And it was all for a good cause too. In our latest Provoke! (NSFW) article, we presented you with nude photography of three talented photographers who tastefully celebrate the naked female body. We also had a great chat with MOST, something of a graffiti legend in the German city of Hamburg, so make sure you have a read, if you haven’t already - you won’t regret it!

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Nude Amanda Palmer Channels Damien Hirst

If you happened to be around the New York Public Library two days ago, you were in for a treat. Quite naked and very pregnant, American singer and songwriter Amanda Palmer posed outside of it, recreating the Verity statue by British artist Damien Hirst. In a performance act announced via her personal blog on August 17th, the eight-months pregnant musician stood on a wooden platform holding a sword, surrounded by children’s books. Half her nude body was colored brown, while the other half was meticulously painted to reveal her anatomy and her fetus – resembling the 20 meter high 2012 sculpture by Damien Hirst, now on long-term loan in Devon, UK. According to Amanda Palmer, the project has been built in secret for the past two months.

See the images of the performance in Amanda Palmer Poses Naked and Pregnant Paying Homage to Damien Hirst Statue

Interview with Graffiti Legend MOST

Ever since the nineties MOST has been one of the most recognizable figures in the German graffiti scene. His tags, throw up’s and graffiti pieces, scattered in various locations and different cities, brought international fame to the artist from Hamburg. After more than two decades he finally decided to give in, and showcase his work at the gallery for the first time. The Hip to Be Square exhibition is currently on view at Art is Just a Four Letter Word Gallery in in Soest, Germany and in the wake of the exhibition we had the opportunity to interview MOST and talk about his recent change of “playground”. Further on we talked to MOST about various subjects, from his graffiti beginnings, art inspirations, artists he admires and likes to collaborate with as well as his plans for future projects.

Read our chat in MOST Interview - A Hamburger Graffiti Legend

The Dismaland Frenzy!

The rumours were true: Banksy is coming home and he will be curating Dismaland – Bemusement Park, that was constructed at a small British town near famous artist’s hometown Bristol. This subversive theme park, a dark parody of Disneyland is being announced as “The UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction!”, and it will feature more than forty international artists. It was built at the old water park Tropicana that was shut down for years because of low income and hard economic times. Now the famous star and his team have created a twisted theme park, that will be the “festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism”. So, what does this yet another work of magic feature?

Find out in Dismaland Bemusement Park Opens! Banksy is Back With A Festival of Art

Some More Dismaland Frenzy! (With More Images)

Ever since the rumours about Banksy’s new project started circling around the general public, media and especially his fans were nervously expecting to see if they come true. Now that the Dismaland is open the images of his biggest project to date are breaking the Internet. Everyone is excited to know what is there to see in this parody of Disneyland. Banksy’s distorted version of Disneyland attractions brings the princess castle where real princesses live and where fairytales are not blessed with the happiest ending. When he said that his Bemusement project wasn’t suitable for the younglings he was surely right as his Cinderella’s Castle is bound to brake the hopes and dreams of any little boy or girl emotionally attached to some famous Disney characters.

See the images in What’s Inside Dismaland? Banksy’s Bleak Theme Park

The Nude Photography Project

When three Eastern European photographers gathered in Geneva to celebrate the female allure through Nude project, the visitors of Evartspace Gallery were able to experience the essence of femininity as seen in those powerful, mostly black-and-white photographs. Each a successful photographer, the three artists offered yet another artistic appreciation of women in a series of photos that take on the nude female body from three different, yet appealing points of view. Whether it is a fashion editorial, an artistic portfolio or simply captures of beauty, each project honors the female body and all its wonders.

Check out the erotic images in Nude Photography in NUDE Project at Evartspace

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