Weekly Highlights: December 29 - January 4

January 6, 2015

What in the world could be the highlights of the week that is behind us? The entire globe has celebrated the beginning of another year. The time of Christmas and winter holidays is a period for spending time with our families, resting before the beginning of work and, of course, partying. There is however one thing that ties together all of the activities you might have taken part in, something you had felt throughout your entire being. It is that sense of remembrance, it is the urge for trying to patch together a vast amount of images and moments present in your mind. In that time when a year ends and another begins, we think of those instances which have marked the previous 365 days in order to get a better understanding of what lays before us… Have a look at who were the most active artists during the last year, top exhibitions and murals of 2014 as well as the curious link between politics and art. If you have missed something during the holidays, enjoy the weekly Widewalls highlights!

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Artists of the Year

With their mesmerizing aesthetics, execution of extraordinary murals as well as their powerful presence in the urban art scene during the last year, Etam Cru have earned the Widewalls’ Artists of the Year title for 2014. Their talent is undeniable, participation in various events throughout the year proves their commitment to the excellence in street art and days spent on a crane speak volumes about their devotion to art and hard work. Composed of the artists Sainer and Bezt, who both have very successful individual careers, the two decided to merge their talents into one mutual project and managed to gain respect from the international street art community quite easily. Thanks to their unique style and a rare combination of traditional Eastern European symbols and folklore, Etam Cru’s murals will always make us stand in awe of beauty. Read the full article: Artists of the Year 2014 – Etam Cru.

Beautiful Murals

The power of a mural comes from many instances which are in relation to the perception of aesthetics, urban space and socio-political impact. This is the reason why street and urban artists are world travelers, this is why they move from one cultural surroundings to another. In that moment when an artist “touches” a certain wall, he or she begins a dialogue with the entire context of the urban space while meticulously working on a form to convey a message. The year of 2014 had been a time for enormous creative energy when it comes to the creators of murals. We decided to see what did the community of Widewalls followers think about which had been the most inspiring and engaging murals of 2014. Check out the most popular artist and interesting murals in Street Update – Most Popular Murals 2014.

Infused With Politics

When one thinks of the down sides of 2014, the mind tends to drift toward the various conflicts that had shaken various regions of the world. However, politics does not only strive on conflict. Rather, it is a field of existence which can be accessed through various inputs, making it, thus, a field of an endless number of discourses. With this in mind Widewalls brought you a selection of 10 artistic expressions from the year that is behind us. Due to the vastness of the field of urban and street art and its diversity, we couldn’t have chosen only artworks, or books, or projects, nor exhibitions which focus on the political plane of our existence, but chosen to show you our favorite art expressions, whatever the form they might have taken. Read the full article 10 Favorite Politically Charged Art Expressions of 2014.

Exciting Exhibitions of the Year

Another crucial summery when looking back is reflected in the importance of revisiting successful exhibitions. There is so much an art lover and an art professional can find out from important moments of artists’ careers as well as activities of gallery spaces. When we consider all the great things that had happened in urban art galleries worldwide in 2014, we can only look forward to the exciting things ahead of us in 2015. So join us as we go through our yearly recap list of ten favorite urban art shows we had enjoyed in 2014. It was an extremely tough competition, with many of the greatest urban art names that didn’t make it on the list. Find out all of the 10 Favorite Urban Art Exhibitions of 2014.

Most Viewed Artists of 2014

Widewalls is dedicated to following some of the most successful urban and contemporary artists working today, as well as creative expressions of those great masters who are no longer among the living. If you are someone who shares our passion, you can find everything you need to know about your favorite artists in our database. Last week, we gave you an overview of the most searched for artists in the year of 2014. Check it out in Most Viewed Artists – 2014!

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