Weekly Highlights: February 16 – 22

February 23, 2015

Whether you are an artist or a researcher or just an admirer and, consequently, immersed in the grand culture of Street Art, the notion seems to be ever-elusive. The more you try to find out about this movement, the more you find yourself questioning the always-emerging forms of its actualization (for more, check out Defining Street Art). There are so many variables to search for and, ultimately, try to understand: from the symbolic potential embedded in the messages of the artwork and questions of aesthetic, to the new fields of Street Art presence, such as the virtual reality

Just like during the months long period behind us, Widewalls has been trying to decode this complex phenomenon in the last seven days. What is more important, you, our community of devoted followers of Street Art, continue to recognize our efforts and tirelessly continue to join us on this exciting journey. Last week, you have enjoyed the power of Street Art festivals, such as Femme Fierce, POW! WOW! Hawaii, St+ART Delhi and a wide-ranging discussion of our podcast series.

Therefore, for all of you who have missed pieces of the puzzle of the never-ending quest for understanding Street Art – here are the Weekly Highlights!

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All Female Festival Femme Fierce: Reloaded 2015

The main event of the all female festival Femme Fierce: Reloaded will coincide with International Women’s Day on the 8th March, 2015 when the Leake Street tunnel will be transformed into one large outdoor art gallery of street art and graffiti being created by female street artists from around the globe, including Simoni Fontana and Ashes 57 (France). The street art and graffiti festival Femme Fierce is dedicated to celebrating women that create art in their studios and out on the streets adding color to our cityscapes. In anticipation of International Women’s Day, be sure to check out our article Femme Fierce: Reloaded 2015 and stay tuned for more topics concerning women’s rights on Widewalls…

Beautiful Murals From POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015

POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 has now drawn to a close after a busy week that saw many international and local artists adding color to the streets of the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu with a wide range of impressive street art murals. With over eighty street artists involved in creating street art murals over the course of week one can only admire the organizational skills that go into making the event a success and as mentioned by Urban Nation director Yasha Young, one of the curators of POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015, in her interview with Widewalls (Widewalls Podcast #3: Yasha Young) it’s not all just fun in the sun as the artists sweat away creating their street art murals for many hours each day under the glare of the sun! Check out our selection of 10 Murals From POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015!

Kevin Van Gorp of 101/EXHIBIT

Interaction with the world which is achieved through communication can be perceived as one of the greatest practices in life. For me, it is easy – it can be about a perfect temperature of a shot of bourbon, or a beautiful redhead, or the perfect distortion of sound waves by The Stooges (not necessarily in that order). However, to be part of a dialogue which, through a personal story, encompasses stories of transformation of art, views on contemporary societies and particularities of complex phenomena is truly something special. So, does any of this have something to do with Kevin Van Gorp? Yes. Yes it does. Find out more by listening to a podcast we recorded with the director of 101/EXHIBITWidewalls Podcast #4: Kevin Van Gorp.

Erotic Art of Jeff Wack

For weeks now, Widewalls community has been regularly following our Provoke! articles. The week behind us is no different. This time, we have been enjoying the aesthetics of an interesting artist whose work is devoted to the female form. Surely, Jeff Wack took the path that many artists before him have taken, with beautiful nudes as object of his art. Celebration of nude human body started way back, in prehistoric times, but the full glory achieved in Ancient Greece. Beautiful nudes of Jeff Wack, the artist that works and lives in Los Angeles, are at the end of the long line of gorgeous nude feminine bodies that were inspiration for some of the greatest artists that have ever lived. Check out the imagery in our article Jeff Wack’s Muses!

Are You Ready for St+ART Delhi?

The street art festival St+ART Delhi will be focusing on eight projects where the invited artists will bring street art to India with the aim of social awareness and opening art up to the local communities. Rain Basera – Night Shelters will work on improving a few of these temporary homeless shelters that exist across Delhi, enhancing their visual appeal and giving visibility to those people housed in them. Lodhi Colony is a quiet residential area with many large blank walls that the street artists will transform into a huge open-air art gallery permanently changing the landscape of the neighborhood. Spanish street artist Okuda will be creating a mural at Khan Market, a centre of cultural activity, which will add vibrancy to the area while the Delhi Cold Storage building, the biggest fruit and vegetable market in Asia, will have its massive walls covered in artworks based on the story of the area. The Street Knit project will see renowned street artist Olek bringing people together by wrapping daily objects around the city with her crochet creations while the Moolchand flyover and South Ex Underpass, both busy transport hubs, will be transformed into permanent art spots and develop the idea of using the city structures as a canvas. Finally, the St+ART bus will be operating from the end of February visiting the painted sites with the aim of connecting people and promoting street art in India. Lasts till the end of March – have a closer look in our article!

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