Weekly Highlights: February 2 – 8

February 9, 2015

Art mimics life – it is an old saying which conveys a more substantial meaning in postmodern times. If we look at the forces which fuel contemporary societies, we are faced with light and darkness and relations of power which reside in between. It can be said that these notions have colored the week that is behind us. We have enjoyed another luminous edition of LOOK The Weird’s Chronicles, as well as the light of painters of a younger generation from United States. Moreover, Widewalls community had a chance to have a first look at new artwork by NEVERCREW! We were drawn by the beauty of darkness in the work of Florian Heinke. As for the relations of power, there is no better paradigm then the international market. This was something we have been devoted to through our analysis of art auctions held during previous weeks. If you have missed something in the last 7 days, here are the Weekly Highlights!

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LOOK is Back!

“The nights have been filled up with extremely good Indian food, the local Kingfisher booze, mosquitoes and talking shit, really relaxing and very funny after the hard work. One day we packed our stuff to go to an art village, the Goethe-Institut organized a driver who he took us everywhere we wanted to go and he was very much the risky version of a young Niki Lauda and was driving his Toyota into the contraflow just honking his horn!” Don’t miss LOOK The Weird’s Chronicles (check Part 1 and Part 2) – the third part of the artist’s adventures delighted us during the first week of February as well – see what was happening during Street art Chennai.

Widewalls Auction Analysis

Last week, our community had a chance to get quick and detailed auction figures for auctions organized by Bonhams and Artcurial Auctions. Held on January 28th 2015 and named by the year Bonhams was established, Founded 1793 was an auction which is probably going to be remembered by a big number of Banksy pieces which were sold – what is more – Banksy pieces belonging to Steve Lazarides. On the other hand, evening of February 4th 2015 was yet another interesting day for the world of Street Art – Artcurial presented its annual sale dedicated to this endlessly interesting field of Contemporary Art. Ever since their first Urban Art sale in 2008, these kind of auctions have been attracting a growing number of collectors and art lovers.

Florian Heinke: Acid on Tea

Born in Frankfurt, where he still lives and works, Heinke studied painting at the Städelschule, graduating in 2009. At the beginning of his artistic career, he showcased work in public spaces, cafes, clubs and shops, where the topics he focused on matched the environment: the everyday life, relationships and trends. His paintings contain direct messages and a high level of irony and aggression. They tend to isolate pure emotion by immortalizing it on canvas and call to mind advertising posters, manifesting the longing for an impossible, utopian world. Be sure to check out the imagery in our article Florian Heinke: Acid on Tea.

10 American Painters Under 40

In recent years we have been witnessing increasing numbers of young painters working on the front lines of artistic development, with main focus on the way they produce their work, rather than on building their own specific style. From spaghetti and dirt, to bleach and anesthetics, various unconventional techniques have been employed on the path of their aesthetic advancement. Among numerous names, there is a respectable growth of young painters that successfully use such technical explorations to produce extraordinary art and discover new ways of thinking about the medium. Check out our selection of 10 American Artists Under 40.

NEVERCREW – Exclusive for Widewalls

The focal moment of Frequency Spectrum exhibition is observation and communication, on different elements and their continuous interactions. The initial idea of NEVERCREW is still the transformation of the public space, in which they contemplate various vantage points and connect them to one another, in order to create a harmonious composition, or eventually an outdoor piece. Relating Frequency Spectrum, this exhibition to their still ongoing show Simultaneity, we uncover the same path. But while Simultaneity focused on living structures – organisms and their functioning, Frequency Spectrum explores communicative means between the present elements, which hold the entire surreal structure together. Widewalls had the honor of having an exclusive look at the body of work by NEVERCREW. Be sure to check out the interview we had done with the artists and check out the imagery from Square23 Gallery.

All of the best moments of a week behind us – find it in Weekly Highlights! To make it easier – sign up for My Widewalls today – FREE of charge!

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