Weekly Highlights: February 9 – 15

February 16, 2015

If we set aside, for just a brief moment, all of the aspects of contemporary, especially street and urban art, which are in relation to power, discourses, ideology and structures of meaning, we are left with a concept of beauty reminiscent of the 19th and early 20th century. This notion is, then, graced with forces which seem to be so familiar to us, so much more “natural” (if there is such a thing) than aspirations and affections we construct within our psychological and social situation. These forces are the perception of beauty we love to ascribe to an indefinable sensation of joy and admiration, perhaps even ecstasy… Then, to these forces we give such names as love, passion, inspiration

And, luckily for us all, the face of last week had been adorned with these confusing, yet ecstatic sensations which can drive a person “insane” (if there is such a thing)! Therefore, let us revisit the passion of starting an exciting street art career, let us soak in images of affection through the medium of photography, let us remember the inspiring messages of Andy Warhol through faces of immortal symbols and let us (re)interpret the notion of the body with Rodrigo Cortez… Things you have enjoyed in the last seven days – here are the Weekly Highlights!

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Kink of Hans Van Der Kamp

Hans van der Kamp has been active as a professional photographer for many years, and he has been present in international scene for years. Since his early childhood, van der Kamp was interested in photography. He was impressed by the magical power of photography to reproduce the complex layers of human’s personality. Probably for that reason, his main focus throughout his career were portraits. His motifs were diverse for many years. At one moment, he decided to focus his work to portraits. As he was interested in representing different forms of human characters, van der Kamp went quite deep in the research of women’s and men’s emotions and feelings. He scratches the most intimate parts of persona, the most hidden ones; the ones that are dealing with human sexuality. Be sure to revisit On Fire: 10 Widewalls Hottest Moments and then check out the intriguing imagery of Hans Van Der Kamp

Valentine’s Day Intoxication

On Valentine’s day especially, whether you’re currently into it or not – love will be in the air. It is the inexhaustible font of inspiration for artists of all kinds, ordinary people, all living creatures, it is simply what makes the world go round. It gives melody to a song, touches hearts, paints life in all the colors and exposes our very soul. As for photography, there were many iconic moments of romance captured in their spur, celebrating the notions of passion, intimacy, lust, emotions, connection, the pure human urge to love and be loved. From celebrities to complete strangers, we are all linked by it and we all strive to it at the end of the day. These are the 10 selected photographs that tell stories of the ones in love, in honor of Valentine’s Day…

Andy Warhol’s Inspiring Faces

The collaboration with people of various backgrounds was the essential par of Warhol’s career. Some of these interesting personalities he welcomed in his New York studio, The Factory, and some he collaborated outside of this creative hub. One common thread remained constant throughout his career – Warhol enjoyed making portraits, especially of celebrities and famous figures, those already immortalized, which he would elevate onto another level – a level of the pop icon. The 15 minutes of fame were not just a saying, or a belief, but a motto to live by. It’s somewhat ironic how Warhol’s 15 minutes have stretched into eternity, now that we appreciate him more and more for the genius disguised by the artificially created superficiality. Our selection of faces Warhol rendered will take you on a ride from TV to legend, from Hollywood to gutter, all of the popping out from the most various places we lay our eyes on today.

Podcast #2 with Artez

Widewalls editor Sanja had the pleasure of talking to Artez, Serbia born street artist who is one of the rare artists from Balkans who made his hobby a full time profession. Seeing graffiti on walls of Belgrade, Serbia when he was growing up made him think he could do the same and now, with the degree from Faculty of Architecture and his background in painting, Artez travels the world and does what he loves the most. We talked about the Serbian street art scene (read more about it in our article Gold Along the Banks), his amazing projects, surprising friendships along the way and his dream collaborations. You can listen to an interesting conversation here: Widewalls Podcast #2: Artez.

Bodies by Rodrigo Cortez

Appearance of women figures to some observers’ emotional response will become increasingly positive and empathic, until a point is reached beyond which the response quickly becomes that of strong revulsion. They are presented as dolls, furthermore as dismantled mannequin figures with missing parts. However, in segments where appearance continues to become less distinguishable from that of a being, the emotional response becomes positive once again and approaches human-to-human levels of attraction. But repulsive reaction aroused by “dummy” parts will produce a feeling of uncanniness, and will thus fail to evoke the empathic feedback. Those disruptive strategies of mutilation function as a device of disillusionment and triggers reflection about cultural artifacts and their meaning. Be sure to check out the imagery in Rodrigo Cortez: Amputated Life.

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