Weekly Highlights: January 26 - February 1

February 2, 2015

Some time ago, Judith Butler asserted that “masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed, but socially constructed.” This instance, among other things, has transpired into paradigms of the fruitful fields of feminist theory, queer theory and gender studies (be sure not to miss our featured article LGBT and Photography). In turn, these discourses have helped shape the ways in which we understand contemporary societies, or, at least, how we should understand them. The construction of gender roles intersects various levels of cultural discourses, rendering the ways through which we perceive gender identities to be crucial questions of our time – from feminine characters depicted as superheroes, through the forms of perception of sexuality an erotica, to roles women take upon themselves in the fields of art and/or culture… All of this has transpired into a thread connecting days of the week behind us, from the point of view of Widewalls followers. Here are the Weekly Highlights…

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Pao Houa Her

The photographic work of Pao Houa Her may hint at idealized imagery with her documentary style of capturing images but closer inspection reveals the complicated tensions that exist between the traditional and contemporary Hmong American experience. Such examples can be seen in her body of work about Hmong mail order brides, where the artist was surprised to find that many of the photos of the Hmong women were heavily photoshopped to give those Westernized features that are considered desirable and led to Pao Houa Her collecting such images from dating sites before eventually travelling to Laos to photograph Hmong girls in a similar way… Check out the imagery and read the article Pao Houa Her at Broad Art Museum Michigan.

On The Edge: Erotic Art Show

The San Francisco cultural space has a lot to offer. One of the more exciting events is the annual exhibition of erotic art, and this year it’s happening for the 5th time. Titled On The Edge, it certainly blurs some lines and is looking to get your blood flowing with some very NSFW pieces. Ranging from fine art nude to extreme erotica, the event of the largest erotic art shows on the West Coast. It is curated by Peter Keresztury, a 74-year-old art show producer who saw bondage as an upcoming trend, mostly due to “50 Shades of Grey” and decided to make the most out of it. Being an erotic photographer and sculptor himself, he is on a mission to break the taboos by showing some very explicit art. The shows takes place during the weekend of mid-February. Find out more in On The Edge: Erotic Art Show.

Superheroes in Art

Comic book heroes are more present in the vast space of popular culture more than ever. In Hollywood, DC and Marvel are competing for the admiration of fans and conquering the affection of the general public. On the other hand, the comic book scene is blooming on its new vessel of virtual reality and social media. But, what of superheroes in Urban Art? Our list of ten superhero themed artworks clearly shows immense inspirational potential of masked vigilantes in possession of magical superpowers, who continue to fight for justice and peace on canvases and walls created by both emerging and legendary urban artists. As both art and cultural phenomenon, Iron-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk and Wolverine are being continuously reinvented, retouched, defaced, sprayed and sprayed over, proving how far comic books and their characters have gone since their ‘invention’ in the 19th century. Check out our selection of 10 Superhero Themed Artworks.

Every Monday, we look at the thing which have been the most interesting to our readers – sign up for My Widewalls and never miss a Weekly Highlight!

Sabrina Möller – Curator, Art Historian and a Journalist

It is not a surprise which interview was one of the most viewed in the recent period. Widewalls had a chance to talk to Sabrina Möller, an active and inspiring individual from Austrian cultural and art scene. After moving to Vienna and graduating at the University of Vienna, Möller started her career by founding a contemporary art magazine Art and Signature in 2013, which is focusing on the dialogue between different positions within the art market. Möller is also working as a free author for different online magazines and since 2014, she became a permanent team member of Galerie Steinek. Read our interview in Sabrina Möller – Curator at Galerie Steinek.

LOOK The Weird’s Chronicles Continue!

“First of all, Chennai Egmore Station is done. Five hard days of painting big stuff with an achingly hot sun, long waiting inbetween,10 to 12 hours of painting each day, odors so bad that you think your nose will never smell anything beautiful again, thousands of people and so much noise penetration that it could easily go under the name of torture.” If you have missed the first part of LOOK’s chronicles, check it out here. After you are done, be sure to have a read in LOOK The Weird’s Chronicles: Street Art Chennai Part 2.