Weekly Highlights: January 5 – 11

Weekly Highlights

January 12, 2015

The week behind us had been colored by the powerful energies of Eros and Thanatos. In terms of artistic creative process, this is always a welcomed set of imaginative inputs. However, last week, destruction forces took over the horizon of freedom of the creative expression. The terrorist attack on the Parisian based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo sent a message of hate and, in turn, triggered a response from the global community of artists, designers and journalists. None of the groups of people mentioned, Widewalls editorial team included, couldn’t have felt a more powerful incentive of jeopardized freedom and an urge to react, if only on a symbolical level.

While struggling on this plane of disbelief, Widewalls followers seemed to have found refuge on a field governed by Eros. Together, we have enjoyed art fueled by erotic energy within the body of work by Thomas Ruff as well as the artistic expression of women photographers in an exhibition titled Pheromone Hotbox and inspiring work by Pacifico Silano. Finally, we had the privilege to enjoy an exciting exhibition, situated in the space of Jonathan LeVine Gallery. So, if winter hibernation got the better of you, here is what you have missed in the last seven days…

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Internet Pornography Transformation

Thomas Ruff has managed to change the ways through which we perceive the medium of photography, contributing to the craft with his inspiring methodology. On the other hand, the artist has done some amazing work with the transformation of internet pornography. This phrase speaks for itself, beginning its journey within the public domain sometime during the turn of the 20th century, as more and more users became part of the world wide web. Social and cultural explorations of pornography on the digital plane usually turn to the questioning of body and/or various aspects of accessibility, namely commercialism and access to free content. In the realm of art, however, the exploration of the boundaries between erotica and porn have taken numerous different forms (be sure to check out our feature article When Does Erotic Art Turn Into Porn?). Read the entire Provoke! article All Skin – Thomas Ruff.

Nous Sommes Charlie!

As time passes by, the art and journalism community will be talking more and more about the tragic events that occurred in Paris last week. Feeling as if they were attacked themselves, which in a way – they were, cartoonists have stormed the social networks by their newly done or already published cartoons expressing their support. Urban artists are active participants of the campaign trending under the hashtag #jesuischarlie. Among the artists who sent their support were JR, KAWS, Daniel Arsham and Remi Rough, to mention only a few. Check out what else was shred in our article Urban Artists Say: Nous Sommes Charlie!

The Work of Pacifico Silano

Pacifico Silano’s Against Nature is his first solo show in New York, with the ClampArt Gallery having the honor of hosting it. The family’s determination to hide his existence made Silano explore deeper into his uncle’s past and LGBT history in general. He collects vintage gay magazines and photographs which he uses in his projects, sometimes staging his own versions of reality in a lack of material. His project Male Fantasy Icon produced a series of images with Al Parker, one of the most famous gay porn stars of the 1970s, drawing attention to a lost generation of gay men. Check out the interesting aesthetics of Pacifico Silano in one of our most popular last week’s articles Pacifico Silano: Against Nature.

The Lost Mitten Society

All suffering from the loss of a mitten, the artists in The Lost Mitten Society include Adam Wallacavage, Amandine Urruty, Anders Gjennestad, Anton Vill, Aron Wiesenfeld, Christian Rex van Minnen, Doubleparlour, Faith47, Finok, James Marshall, John Brophy, Josh Keyes, Kris Lewis, Lucien Shapiro, Marco Mazzoni, Martin Wittfooth, Max Rippon, Mike Giant, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Takahiro Komuro, Taylor McKimens, Tristan Eaton and Troy Brooks. The group created small to medium sized, multi-disciplinary works, ranging from drawings to paintings and sculpture. Be sure to have a look in The Lost Mitten Society at Jonathan LeVine.

Pheromone Hotbox

Around 10 recent photographs of Aneta Bartos, Amanda Charchian, Shae DeTar, Olivia Locher, and Marianna Rothen will be presented at the gallery, “addressing notions of the post-selfie and confronting post-feminist ideologies”. Their images are all portraits of women telling previously scripted stories, interpreted by their friends in the nude on a certain location. Amanda Charchian, one of the authors, conceived the idea of “pheromone hotbox” from the biological purpose of pheromones, which is creation. In order to see beautiful imagery and check out the full article, have a look at Pheromone Hotbox.

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