Weekly Highlights: July 27 - August 2

August 3, 2015

When it comes to August, everyone is on vacation, and this includes art galleries, that will put a pause on their busy exhibition schedule. This, however, does not mean that the whole art world is going on a break as well - in fact, when it comes to art news, it’s been quite an interesting week, and things will only continue to heat up (pun intended). And so, four out of five most popular articles on Widewalls in the past week came from our Art News category, that we keep very much up to date. One of the top stories was definitely Ai Weiwei’s passport, even though traveling will not be an easy task for the controversial Chinese artist.

In other news, an entire neighborhood in Mexico became one giant, colorful mural - and the project was completely legal and realized in collaboration with the authorities. That’s surely not something you hear about every day! Especially coming after the surrender of Shepard Fairey. Banksy is making headlines again as well, with two of his artworks heading for auction in September. If they get sold, they will reach a very, very large amount of $$$. The Swiss city of Biel will get naked for two days… well, not exactly. But let’s say that there will be naked people on the streets. Finally, Dutch urban artist SIT is having a solo show in his hometown Amsterdam - an event not to be missed.

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Switzerland’s First Nude Body Art Festival

It seems that the portrayal of nude human bodies is widely accepted in the world of art. However, while nudity in galleries and theaters has become common, exhibiting nude bodies in public is still very much a taboo. Unless they are covered with body-paint, of course. But bodypainting aside, it almost unprecedented to witness an artistic endeavor that includes naked body outside of art spaces and theaters. That is why Swiss artist Thomas Zollinger created Body And Freedom Festival, a two-day event that will be held in Biel, Switzeland. The festival aims to take the nudity out of the galleries and increase its presence in public spaces. At Body and Freedom Festival artists will have an opportunity to create new works and express themselves while interacting with the passingly audience.

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Germen Crew Mural Neighborhood in Mexico

Government officials and street artists collaborating? You don’t see that very often but that’s exactly what happened in Mexican district of Palmitas in Pachuca, Mexico, where local representatives asked a group of street artists to paint over twenty-thousands square meters of façade and create a huge public art masterpiece. This massive street artwork wraps itself around the district covering the exteriors of the Palmitas houses while changing the surrounding of the monotonous Mexican district into a vibrant explosion of colors. According to StreetArtNews, this public art project has affected over 1800 people and over 400 families living in Palamitas district in Mexico. This public art project aimed to create the felling of togetherness in the local community and also to reduce youth violence. The involvement of the community was both Germen Crew’s and Mexican officials priority which is why most of Palamitas inhabitants were directly involved in the creation of the mural.

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UK Denies Ai Weiwei A Business Visa

Just after the Chinese government finally had returned passport to China’s famous artist Ai Weiwei, he encountered another inconvenience: the British embassy rejected his application for a six-month business visa, as he “didn’t declare a criminal conviction in China”. Ai Weiwei did get a short-term Schengen visa and already went to Berlin. However, Schengen visa does not include Britain, so, Ai Weiwei applied for British visa, as well, in order to attend the opening of a retrospective of his work at the Royal Academy of Arts in September. But, the British embassy gave him only a 20-day visa, telling him even “that was an exception”, since Ai Weiwei did not declare a criminal conviction.

More on the story in Ai Weiwei Business Visa Denied in Uk. Reason - Criminal History

Banksy Murals Head to Auction

Banksy’s Bethlehem mural Donkey Documents and I Remember When All This Was Trees in Detroit are to be sold in the upcoming auction at Julien’s auction house in Beverly Hills. The removal of art pieces from the walls and their sale for enormous amounts of money still raise much controversy. Some Banksy murals have already been detached and sold before, during the Stealing Banksy exhibition in London in 2014. Who is to profit from this 2015. sale is to be seen in September when two of his murals are expected to fetch over 1 million US dollars. As we all remember well, Slave Labor mural was also removed from the London location and auctioned in Miami for an enormous amount of nearly 1 million dollars in 2013. This removal of the artworks from their original public locations brings a whole new meaning to the street art.

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