Weekly Highlights: June 29 - July 5

Weekly Highlights

July 6, 2015

Let’s give a warm welcome to July! Pun intended. It seems like, with this heat, the best way to stay cool is to stay indoors and read stuff on Widewalls. We can now officially kiss June goodbye, a month we dedicated to Art Travel Specials, and we were excited that you appreciated our efforts to take you on an artistic tour around the world through a series of articles, podcasts and interviews with local art professionals, gallerists, curators. And so, two of these specials ended up on last week’s highlights list, one about Lisbon and the other an interview with Robert Fontaine of the Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami. Thanks for reading and stay tuned, because July will bring on something even better!

As for street art in general, the streets were busy, because no hot weather can stop creativity, and our last week’s Street Update was one of our hottest topics too. So were Most Viewed Artists of June - quite an interesting list, with new names replacing old ones every month. Finally, an article from our Provoke! (NSFW) reclaimed the number one spot after a really long time, and with a good reason, so be sure to scroll down and check out the very best of last week on Widewalls!

The Nude Models of Marco Glaviano

Working mostly in black and white, Marco Glaviano has produced some of the most beautiful images there are. Throughout the years, he has photographed a great deal of famous models, such as Paulina Porizkova, Annelids Seubert, Tatiana Sorokko, Eva Herzigova and Cindy Crawford, and has been published in the world’s most important fashion magazines, such as Vanity Fair, Elle and of course Vogue. His images ooze with glamour and sensuality, usually showing nude models in different, extraordinary landscapes, becoming one with nature. It would seem as though these girls were simply captured in their everyday moments – because being sexy, daring and beautiful also below the surface is what they are even when there’s no camera around. In perfect contrast and marvelous composition, Marco Glaviano creates stunning photographs that have to do with the pure concepts of the allure, femininity, seduction and confidence.

See the photos in Too Perfect? Marco Glaviano’s Models

Miami Art Travel Special: A Talk with Robert Fontaine

“Frankly, I have never given such depth in an interview“, said Robert Fontaine, after we have finished this exclusive interview for the WideWalls. The owner of renowned Miami-based Robert Fontaine Gallery grew up on Captiva Island, where he was influenced by a number of important artists that lived there, including Robert Rauschenberg. In 2003 Fontaine for the first time became the director of a gallery – Ashmore Gallery in Miami Beach, to be precise – followed with a directorial position at Space 39 Gallery in South West Florida. And then, in 2007, Robert Fontaine broke out on his own. (“Finally“, he commented.)

Read the interview in Miami Art Travel: Interview with Robert Fontaine

The 82nd Street Update

It’s busy out there in the streets around the world, and if you’ve been following us on Facebook, which I’m sure you are by now, you’ve had the chance to enjoy all the amazing artworks just popping out of everywhere. Also, may we remind you of all the great summer street art festivals coming up really soon, including Meeting of Styles in the UK, Chained Project in Milan, Italy and the Graffiti na Gradele in Bol, Croatia. When it comes to exhibitions, Celaya Brothers Gallery in Mexico City is celebrating its first anniversary with a show of Mexican urban art, and Paul Busk will be in Vienna, at INOPERAbLE Gallery. If you feel like reading, there is a graffiti book dedicated to the works of MaJo Brothers, and if you feel like wearing some art, Vans has a new collection designed by Takashi Murakami.

See what happened on the streets in Street Update #82

June’s Most Viewed Artists

The first month of summer brings a lot of exciting news and an interesting change in the taste of our readers. Our most viewed lists of artists are usually very similar, but this time the half of them are new names. Of course, some of the popular artists are always popular and we assume that Banksy will never leave the list, but it’s a surprise that Jean-Michel Basquiat is not on the list of the most popular this time, nor is Borondo or Guy Denning. The new names are Dem189, Jerico, Nar, Xavier Somers and Hiroomi Ito. Read more about these artists and their fantastic work that made everyone want to know more about them.

Check out the top 10 in Most Viewed Artists in June

The Art Scene of Lisbon

Once home of the great explorers, and the capital of a colonial empire, Lisbon is widely known for its glorious architecture, landmarks and monuments that can be traced back to almost any important historical period of European history. In spite of its beauty and historical significance, Lisbon has stayed on the margins of European tourist destinations and it was one of the last cities to experience a cultural blooming. This can mostly be explained by cultural stagnation and economic throwbacks first caused by the years of dictatorship in the 20th century and then the recent financial crisis that was especially troublesome for Portugal. Luckily, in the last ten years things are changing for the better, and it looks like Lisbon is experiencing a cultural resurrection.

Experience Lisbon’s versatile art scene in Lisbon Art Travel Special: Capital Reinvented Through Urban Art

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