Weekly Highlights: March 2 – 8

March 9, 2015

What was the highlight of the week. If you’ve only just stopped by Widewalls, you already know. Last week unravels itself within the frame of significance of the International Women’s Day. With this in mind, we had decided to devote our research to the excellence in art, shaped and rendered by extraordinary female artists. In this light, it is no surprise that the most followed and loved topics concerned women’s rights. Together, we have been finding out who are some of the most prolific female sculptors working today (check out 10 Female Contemporary Sculptors), we have had the privilege to talk to ladies who made Femme Fierce Festival possible (have a listen in Widewalls Podcast Special Edition: Femme Fierce), having a look at 10 Power Collectresses as well as ladies devoted to the medium of photography (check out 10 Women Photographers) and, finally, deliberating the ways in which art fought for women’s rights

So, this Monday, apart from the indubitably significant subject matter, we give you a list of five articles which found their way to the spotlight of your attention.

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Written Word Residing in the Urban Space

Using street art quotes is of course a popular way to spread political awareness and can often send a serious message (as can be seen in the Urban Art Originating From Social Upheaval article), through to spreading messages of love and peace as with The John Lennon Wall in Prague (see the Wall Is Not Over article). 10 Intriguing Quotes by Street Artists brings together just a small selection of the many street art quotes that are out there in every town and city, some intriguing and some just simple, but engaging in the way they have been used.

LOOK The Weird – Last, But not the Least

“I’ve been back in Berlin now for three weeks, sitting by the fireplace and thinking about my recent trip to the heart of the Tiger, Chennai on the Indian East coast for the Conquer the Concrete Street Art Festival. You can catch up here with the previous chronicles #1, #2 and #3 if you haven’t read them yet. All of us arrived back safely and I’ve had a crazy busy time with tons of work at my desk to do. On the one hand it’s really good to be back, but on the other hand the fever of travelling hits me really hard each time I see some photos of the trip to India for the Conquer The Concrete Street Art Festival. It was such a far out experience that it feels almost like a dream to me now.” Read the rest of the article Look The Weird’s Chronicles: Part 4.

JR’s Ghosts of Ellis Island

In this short film, written by Eric Roth, JR explored parts of the island that nobody visited in over 70 years and pays his respects to all those who haven’t made it to the other side of the water. By revisiting and upgrading his own project, JR tries to capture its ghosts frozen in time. In a series of photos JR shared via Instagram, we see the haunted hospital building soaked in shadows and standing in ruins. The presence of those who were once passing through is strongly felt, in the air, but also on wheat-pasted archival photographs that JR previously installed. Check out the imagery in our article Ghosts of Ellis Island by JR.

Interview with Collin Chillag

“It made sense to me for the obvious reason that the realist painting I engage in is always being obscured, or abandoned in a half finished state, or compromised and challenged or changed in some way. But it also references some interesting analytical philosophical debates. Anti-realism in philosophical terms, as I understand it, has to do with the denial of an objective reality or ontological autonomy independent of our own perceptions. So, if there is any reality independent of our minds, we have no way of accessing it. It’s a whole can of philosophical and semantic worms that I hardly feel qualified to be opening, but some people like that kind of stuff, so there ya go.” Read the entire interview with Colin Chillag here!

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Paper Art Fair New York

Art fair season was carefully followed on Widewalls. During the week, we have presented you with numerous previews and, as the spring is arriving, we plan to continue where we left off. This week, one fair especially caught your attention. The Art on Paper art fair aims to offer something a little bit different from other art fairs by focusing on the medium of paper as a conversational catalyst. The 55 galleries exhibiting at the art fair will only feature works by artists who use paper as a major element in their paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography and with the help of Art on Paper’s Artistic Director Sasha Wolf, they plan to present an elegant and concise exhibition from dealers around the world of engaging paper based artworks. During the four day art fair there will be a number of projects and special installations along with innovative exhibitor presentations. Check out the full preview here!