Weekly Highlights: May 18 - 24

May 25, 2015

The week behind us was all about street art - eventful on the streets, but also here at Widewalls. Apart from bringing you the latest murals, happenings and exhibitions from around the world, we also managed to secure an exclusive interview with the one and only Shepard Fairey, who took the time to talk to us before his show in Detroit. Let’s not forget that he will also paint his largest work to date there, and we will be sure to be the first in line to show it to you when it’s done. As we like doing interviews with creative people, we also invited German artist Kunstrasen, whose unique street art style brought him his first solo show just recently.

An almost inevitable part of our Weekly Highlights is the articles from our Provoke! (NSFW) section - but this time, the erotic nudity takes form of iconographic, almost classical work from Czech photographer and painter Jan Saundek. A true refreshment and a different look at the beauty of the human body. You were also interested to know why a girl would be arrested for putting street art on Instagram and what will Mexican artist Sens exhibit in his show, which just opened at Improper Walls Gallery in Vienna.

Scroll down and have a deja vu of the week behind us.

Instagram Can Get You Arrested

Although street art is becoming increasingly popular and accepted even – desirable, the arrests related to it are occasionally taking place. Many people still have problems with destruction of public walls or the writings so these arrests hardly come as much surprise. And even the biggest street art stars experience this kind of persecution. What is new however is that a woman in Montreal got arrested and later found guilty for putting someone else’s graffiti on her Instagram profile! Last Thursday Jennifer Pawluck, twenty two year old art student in Montreal was found guilty on harassment charges for posting a photograph of graffiti on her Instagram profile.

Read more on the story in Instagram + Street Art = You Get Arrested!

The Kunstrasen Interview

Kunstrasen, a German street artist, recently had his first solo show opening at artROOM Konstanz. His artworks are embodiments of critique on social problems and mass-consumption of mass-production. In the world where one does not exist with the other, some artists are really eager to point out the inadequacies of those practices. Street art may seem as a perfect mean of expression and problematization of these ideas, but we came to the point where the urge to make changes has made it to another level with the migration into the gallery space. Or is it all because of profit? Irony-based artworks by Kunstrasen, presented at artROOM Konstanza, use that ideological momentum and continue on with the questioning of mechanisms in art world. With popularization of graffiti, quite a huge number of street artists appeared on the scene, often just leaning on well established success of the big names from the scene.

Check out our chat in Interview With Kunstrasen: On Spontaneity of a Joke

The Erotic Nudes of Jan Saudek

Jan Saudek is one of the most prominent figures in staged photography of the last century, earning that attribute through passionate examination of the human body and gestures. He was especially persistent in his studies of psyche of the portrayed subjects through staged environment and situations. Sometimes, it is mentioned that he presented dream worlds inhabited with nude or semi-nude figures, but it is more likely that he created some sort of a chambre libre where libido and Id can act with no restraints from super-ego. His chambre libre is nothing more than a room with bare plaster walls, but carefully populated with elements of the outside world, such as clouds and Prague’s landmarks, predominantly items that play an iconographic role.

See all the images in Jan Saudek: Les Tableaux Erotiques

A Talk With Shepard Fairey

Known for giving HOPE, for taking over of the most unapproachable of walls, the ultimate paster, printmaker, image inventor and influencer, Shepard Fairey is heading to Detroit for his first appearance in the (ex-) Automobile city after a decade. These 10 years have marked both Fairey’s artistic path and Detroit’s urban development, and when the two meet – we cannot expect anything other than an art extravaganza. For the show, next in the Printed Matters series, the celebrated artist will revisit some of his most memorable moments in print, while parallely creating the biggest mural in his career in the section of the exhibition called Public Matter. With a little help from our friends at Library Street Collective, a progressive gallery from Motown, we got Mr. Fairey to answer a few questions in an exclusive interview, revealing his feelings, thoughts and plans regarding the Detroit exhibitions, as well as hint about the mural. Well sort of a hint.

Continue reading in A Serious Art Addict: Shepard Fairey

Sens: Chido, Chafa, Chale

Latin American street art scene (and contemporary art scene in general) is a fast-growing area in global terms. Sens certainly belongs to the group of emerging street and contemporary artists from this region. During his teenage period, he started to make graffiti, and other illegal street art, mostly writings and tags. After he got arrested, he spent a week in a Mexican prison (he was arrested together with thirty underage artists and six adults). Most of the other artists stopped with illegal paintings and graffiti, however Sens continued, this time more careful, and mostly working in abandoned places. Sens is one of the most renowned Mexican street artist whose latest works will be shown at Improper Walls Gallery in Vienna. The show is entitled CHIDO, CHAFA, CHALE.

See his works in Sens at Improper Walls Gallery

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