Weekly Highlights: May 25 - 31

June 1, 2015

The last week of May is behind us and we can now safely say that it was an exciting month. With the spring art season now in full swing, it is really hard to catch up on all the breathtaking exhibitions coming our way in all corners of the world. Still, we are managing just fine, and it is always a great pleasure to write about all these talented artists making wonderful art at a time you would think all the stories have already been told and re-told a thousand times. But, as Pablo Picasso once said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”, and lately it does really seem that the art world is busier than ever. We are excited to see what June will bring us.

In the last seven days, the reign of street art topics has come as no surprise. Our selection of 10 street art installations was a really fun one, where creativity just exploded and created some amazing works you wouldn’t believe are real. The weekly street update, as usual, gave insight to what’s going what street artists have been doing - since the world is their canvas. German artist and fellow Widewalls colleague LOOK The Weird stopped by to say hi in our latest Podcast session - that was fun! Sotheby’s Photographs auction did not go so well, and you were curious to find out why. Finally, the surreal drawings by Otto D’Ambra landed a show in London, and with a good reason too.

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The Surreal Otto D’Ambra in London

Curious Duke Gallery from London is preparing its space for an amazing exhibition. Without any doubts, it is going be a show full of surprises. Apart from works that will be exhibited during the show, the artist will create art live, with visitors being part of the process. Italian artist Otto D’Ambra will bring his brand of imagination to Curious Duke. This Milan-born artist is well-known for his pictorial and graphic drawing, set designs and body art. However, there is one word that could describe Otto D’Ambra’s oeuvre: surrealism. No matter what technique or medium he uses, surrealism dominates his works – in drawings, body art works, set designs. His dedication to this art movement males him an internationally acclaimed surrealist artists, while techniques he uses, as well as his subject-matters vary a lot. The exhibition of D’Ambra’s works at Curious Duke Gallery is entitled We Are All Animals.

More on the exhibition in Otto D’Ambra at Curious Duke Gallery

Auction Analysis: Sotheby’s Photographs

A not-so-good auction of photographs has been held at Sotheby’s London. Photographs auction sold just over half of auctioned lots and instead of projected $3,094,718 – $4,440,699, it gathered a bit over $2 million. This auction had a strong emphasis on fashion and glamour, with – obviously – a lot of works by Helmut Newton, as well as photographs by Irving Penn, Horst P. Horst, Peter Beard, Nick Brandt and Henri Cartier-Bresson. However, the lot that had the biggest hammer price was Untitled (FGM78) by László Moholy-Nagy, from 1923-25. Out of total 138 photographs that had been put on sale at Sotheby’s London on Saturday, May 23, just 77 lots were sold, or mere 55.8 percent.

See all the details in Sotheby’s: Photographs Auction Analysis

The Best Street Art Installations

What makes street art installations so exciting and so different from the art we see in galleries and museums? First of all, no matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid street art pieces as they are a part of our everyday life, a part of the permanent exhibition at the gallery called the street. Conventional galleries are based on a different concept, a magical reality with its own boundaries and rules completely different from the outside, or as we call it, the real life. On the other hand, the immediate nature of street art and the reality of street art taught us to see things just the way they are. Today, we have prepared for you 10 gripping street art installations that succeeded in their original intention of displacing a common passerby from his everyday routine and his comfort zone.

See them all in 10 Gripping Street Art Installations - The Clash Of Realities

A Chat With LOOK The Weird

German artist LOOK made one of his first steps in the art world as a kid playing Sim City with his friend, painting pixel by pixel virtual walls of his virtual town. He was truly inspired after seeing a documentary about the American street artist, Seen, to start doing his own graffiti around the age of 15. LOOK explained to us that graffiti scene in the northern part of East Germany was a place of a very few graffiti role models. Influenced mostly by the bad graffiti, LOOK and his friends had to invent their own style. After taking a short break from graffiti art some time ago, he returned more determined than ever. Ever since, he seems to be quite busy.

Listen to our conversation in Widewalls Podcast #16: LOOK The Weird

Street Art, Fresh From The Walls

We had another exciting week in the life of art on the streets and we will make a brief turn to see what went down. We have seen some dope and fresh street art last week. Franco Fasoli aka Jaz, nailed it again, this time in Rabat at Jidar Festival in Morocco. 2501 did a mural in Cassina De Pecchi, as a warm-up for Restart festival and his solo exhibition Nomadic Experiment at Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome. Aryz created a stunning street piece in Detroit, showing shirtless men pulling their clones over the shoulder. We will conclude this weekly recap with murals from SEPE and Conor Harrington.

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