Weekly Highlights: May 4 - 10

May 11, 2015

When it comes to the arts, this May will be an exciting time to be alive. With a bunch of art fairs coming up around the world, but especially in New York City, let’s not forget one of the most important events happening in Europe - the Venice Biennale, which started on May 9th in Italy. Apart from this, a significant number of important exhibitions will soon be underway, and we at Widewalls are more than ready to make sure you know everything you need to know about all of them on time. But before we turn towards what’s ahead of us, let’s check out the most interesting articles of the week behind us.

Causing no surprise, the latest edition of of our Provoke! (NSFW) section was once again in the spotlight, this time celebrating the vintage erotica of the great photographer Brassaï. Like we said, The Big Apple will be a hotspot this month, and one of the art fairs to be held there is SELECT, also one of the most important ones. And when in Rome… I mean, when in New York, you might want to make the experience complete and stay at an art hotel, which is perhaps why one of our most viewed posts lists 10 best art hotels there. When it comes to the inevitable street art, there was an exhibition in Germany that caught your eye, and finally, the contemporary artworks which celebrated our beloved mothers on Mother’s Day.

What a week! Scroll down and enjoy it all over again.

Brassaï And His Vintage Erotica

Although Brassaï made his name with his dramatic pictures of Paris night life he was no stranger to the nude photography. Brassaï was also a poet, sculptor and painter born in 1899, in Brassó, Romania. His real name was Gyula Halász but he went by the pseudonym Brassaï, which means from Brasso. In 1924 he moved to Paris where he remained for the most of his life. In the beginning he worked as a journalist and was not too much into photography at first. However, his job as a journalist required of him to supplement some photographs for the magazine which quickly evolved into life-long passion. Apart from roaming the streets of the city in night Brassaï was passionate erotic photographer. He did most of his abstract nudes in the 1930’s for the inaugural issue of the avant-garde magazine Minotaure.

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The fourth edition of the SELECT art fair is about to start soon. One of the fastest-growing art production companies in America, SELECT is focused on emerging and mid-career artists, providing a contemporary platform that brings together galleries, artists and other market actors. SELECT art fair was conceived at the end of 2011, and since then it has been constantly growing, becoming one of the most renowned art fairs in New York City and the United States. And, indeed, with SELECT Art Fair 2015, NYC is turning into major global center of contemporary art scene, which in this year already hosted SCOPE New York 2015, Independent Fair New York 2015, VOLTA New York 2015, ADAA Art Show 2015, PULSE New York 2015; and with other fairs to come too in this season. SELECT Art Fair 2015 is an amazing art and cultural event, particularly considering its rich and diverse program.

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10 New York Art Hotels

New York City is one of the most exciting places in the world. It is where many people with big dreams go to try out their luck, and hardly anyone ever stays indifferent to its unique spirit. The Big Apple is also heaven when it comes to art – it is home to some of the world’s most important museums and for centuries it has been an inspiration to artists who wanted to make something out of their lives through art. After our lists of 10 Urban Art Hotels and 10 Contemporary Art Hotels You Should Know took you on a virtual hotel tour around the world, we now focus art hotels those located in the city that never sleeps.

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Kunstrasen’s First Solo Show

Amidst the rapidly converging realms of stencil graffiti and contemporary visual art, Kunstrasen’s gritty and challenging new solo exhibition, Rough Times for Dreamers, at the artROOM Konstanz is sure to make waves by challenging gallery audience’s eager consumption of mass-produced urban images. Rough Times for Dreamers is considered to be first solo exhibition of Kunstrasen, a chance to finally see his audiences in a different environment discussing his artworks. Now, when street art is being pulled out of the streets and taken into the galleries, Kunstrasen offers us a new reading of the problem.

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Contemporary Art Celebrates Mother’s Day

This May 10th the world will celebrate Mother’s Day, honoring the most important woman figure in our lives, but also maternal bonds, motherhood and the influence of mothers in society. Mother’s Day should be every day – we should never stop cherishing and thanking these wonderful women for giving us life and for taking care of us forever. The notion of motherhood has been one of the most inspiring topics through history of art, as artists portrayed themselves, depicted them, dedicated artworks to them, express their feelings towards their mothers through them, simply celebrated the birth of humanity and the ever-lasting love of mothers. And so, for Mother’s Day, we picked out 10 Contemporary artworks dedicated to mothers in their own unique way.

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