Pierre Molinier’s Entangled Nude Bodies, The Art of the Pixels & JR Artworks Stolen and Sold - For a Good Cause

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November 9, 2015

What a week behind us - for the Widewalls team in particular! The weekend between November 5th and 8th, we attended the Artissima 2015 art fair, from which we reported live through a series of interviews with prominent galleries, artists and art professionals from all around the world. The fair, as expected, was a success - fifty two thousand people have gone through the doors of the Oval in Turin! It was a wonderful experience, and we invite you to stay tuned for our final reports and some more interviews coming up in the next couple of days - all of which can be found on our dedicated Artissima 2015 page.

The first week of November also saw our growing interest in the matter of Pixel Art, mainly due to the fact we’re quite fascinated with the way it made a comeback among the mainstream movements and, apart from going back in time a little bit, we also showed you it’s quite simple and fun to make it yourself. We’ve had some erotic photographs by Pierre Molinier as the latest addition to our Provoke! (NSFW) section, and a sort of a theft of JR’s artworks in Africa - ironically, committed by a charity organisation. Paris Photo is coming our way and we’ve selected 10 booths you should not miss if you’re into some amazing photography. Last, but not least, there is a street art initiative happening in Florida, dedicated to the dead.

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The Erotic Photography of Pierre Molinier

To call the work of Pierre Molinier simply provocative to some may look like an understatement. From the man who claimed he had sex with the corpse of his deceased sister you can’t expect some socially expectable work of art. One of the pioneers of the surrealist photography Pierre Molinier embarked on a journey to discover his own deepest desires, sexual obsessions, and fetishes, pissing off his fellow-surrealists who looked like a bunch of naïve schoolgirls compared to this man’s fantasies. Pierre Molinier lived for his art, proclaiming his paintings and photographs as art for his own stimulation where perverse erotica had its privileged place. Whatever he did he was not concerned with other people’s opinions and even found the shock reactions amusing. Calling himself a man without a moral, Pierre Molinier was way ahead of his time, rejected even by the leading surrealists who ironically insisted on those very same ideas Molinier was brave enough to explore without boundaries.

See the racy images in Pierre Molinier Erotic Photography - Pioneer in Shocking Body Swarms

Make Pixel Art - A DIY Manual

Someone would argue that pixel art is passé, that it is not popular any more, that it lost its magic. The argument is that pixel art has lost its relevance with the increased use of 3D graphics in games. However, saying that pixel art is irrelevant and unpopular today is not true; actually, as a form of digital art, we could say it’s more popular than ever. People are creating pixel art for a number of reasons – mostly for creating games, for social networking virtual worlds, but also for art itself. Pixel art is respected and recognized as a form of digital art, and do not be surprised if you see an exhibition showcasing pixel artworks. It’s not difficult to make pixel art – you only need patience.

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JR Art Stolen for a Good Cause

Hm, this is a tough one. Say, you live in a slum. You are fighting for your life, and for lives of your family members, not day by day, but hour by hour. You don’t have running water, you don’t have food, you live in the worst possible conditions that could be seen on the face of the Earth. Everywhere around you people are getting beaten up or killed. The poverty is unimaginable. And then, all of the sudden, there are some people that come and want to take your roof, or let’s pretend that is roof. They also say they’ll give you a new, tin roof, instead of some illustrated cover that someone else has brought to you years ago. Those people are also saying that this is for your own good, and that they will provide some running water for your settlement. But, you have learned long time ago not to trust anyone, let alone some foreigners that you see for the first time. What would you do in a situation like that?

Continue reading in Who is Stealing And Auctioning Off JR Artwork For Charity ?

10 Paris Photo Booths Definitely Worth Seeing

Modern, contemporary, portrait, landscape, fashion, still life, documentary, commercial, conceptual, abstract, minimalist, surrealist, black and white, color, analog, digital. Photography is just so versatile and marvellous! For me, photography fairs, and especially the biggest ones like Paris Photo, above all represent a remarkable showcase of only the best examples of this medium - and then, of course, if you’re a collector, you probably feel like a kid in a candy store. As many as 147 galleries will show all those legendary names we all admire, as well as the upcoming artists talented enough to end up at such big event that is Paris Photo. Taking place from 12th till 15th November at Grand Palais in Paris, this photography fair will also introduce a brand new section, dedicated to large-scale and serial works, called Prisms and held in the Salon d’Honneur. There will be numerous group and solo exhibition, like Brassai at Karsten Greve, Sandy Skorlund at Paci, Guy Bourdin at Louise Alexander and Nick Knight at Christophe Guye, to name just a few.

See them all in 10 Paris Photo Booths with Perspective-Altering Photographers

Honoring the Dead Through Graffiti and Mural Art

During the past four years, artist Rachael Pongetti has photographed one of the most popular places for street art in Pensacola in Florida, the 17th Avenue graffiti bridge. Apart from prom proposals and declarations of opinion, she noticed numerous murals created to celebrate the dead. “A lot of people use art in order to express their love for their departed people in their lives,” Rachel Pongetti stated for the Pensacola News Journal. This sudden realization and the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration inspired her to initiate Gonzales Street Project. During a three hours event, the participants of the project will have the opportunity to paste the photographs of their loved ones onto a wall and create a giant remembrance mural. The project was organized by Rachel Pongetti, the Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Project and the newly formed organization named Art Beyond Walls.

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