Weekly Highlights: Vintage Erotica, Sexy Artworks On Sale & Genitals Drawings at Frieze London !

October 19, 2015

I guess the slightly depressed weather outside can make people extremely horny. It’s getting colder, the clouds are getting thicker, and in such grey environment, one wants to think about something hot and sweaty, right? I’m only saying this because the top three articles of the week behind us were pretty sex-charged, as if my last week’s observation that our Provoke! (NSFW) section was neglected for the first time in a long time, made you, our dear readers, revive it immediately. And we thank you for that, because it’s not like we didn’t miss it in our highlights. After all, we did write those articles for you to enjoy.

So whether it’s vintage erotic illustrations that don’t leave much to imagination, some guy who draws your genitals at Frieze in London, or some sexy art coming straight from our Marketplace, I’d like to remind you once again of the NSFW-ity of this post, if you keep on reading it. (And I know you will). Among all this nakedness there are also Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jim Starr, because they’re awesome and not at all nude (unless you’re referring to last week’s Basquiat Nudes).

All in all, a steaming hot week between October 12th and 18th, so make sure you check it out by scrolling down.

Vintage Erotic Illustrations

People might think that erotic art has been popular only in the last couple of decades. But, in fact, erotica has existed since the first pieces of art were created. And, we could even dare to say that vintage erotica (or old erotic art) was more creative and innovative. With the development of digital technology, erotica has been usually linked with photography. However, there are many other art mediums in which perfect erotic art pieces have been created. And, as vintage erotica shows, there are so many other ways to create beautiful pieces of erotic art – book illustration and paper work with erotic content, famous secret French postcards, pin up girls, and so on.

See what vintage erotica has to offer in Vintage Erotica - The Imaginative World of Erotic Illustration

Buy Some Sexy Art !

Ever since there was art, there was sexy art. Whether it was about the naked human body or sexual acts, art makers found great inspiration in these topics, which even today continue to provoke, excite, allure and intrigue. Sexy art could also be called erotic art, often coming incredibly close to becoming pornography, yet managing to maintain that one notion which separates it from this industry – it leaves plenty of room for imagination. Today, there are many artworks which celebrate the art of erotica, and many of them can be found in our ever-growing Marketplace, ranging from photography prints to etchings, paintings and drawings. If you’re looking to expand your collection with some sensuality on paper, you’re at the right place.

Check out the works on sale in Sexy Art Pieces You Could Own Right Now!

Have Your Genitals Drawn at Frieze London

We have left some minor window of opportunity that you have been really cut-off from technologies of 20th and 21st century – and mirrors, as well! – and that you have never seen how your genitals look like from any other angle than from the above. Well, if you are really in this situation, you should leave everything you are doing right now, and promptly go to Frieze Art Fair in London. Why? Because someone’s there who could help you, and his name is Ken Kagami. Ken is an artist that was born in Tokyo, and he is drawing pictures of genitals or breasts of visitors at Frieze Art Fair in London.

What’s That About? Continue reading in Artist Ken Kagami Draws Your Genitals At Frieze Art Fair 2015 !

Basquiat’s First Edition Print Sale

Great news for collectors, art lovers and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s fans! This time it is not about the nude Basquiat photos. The famous artist’s estate has authorized the release of a first edition for the first time in ten years. Since Basquiat is quite popular among collectors, and he has an army of fans, this is very important news. Of course, the question is why Basquiat’s estate has waited for ten years to authorize the sale of an artist’s edition? His works, both original and prints, are being sold regularly on auction sales. We can’t answer to this question, but we can say that screenprint titled Hollywood Africans in front of the Chinese Theater with Footprints of Movie Stars will be sold in a limited run of 60.

Read more in Jean-Michel Basquiat First Edition Print Sale Authorised by the Artist’s Estate - First Time in 10 Years !

Also, check out more works by Basquait on our marketplace!

Jim Starr in London

When you are 13 years old, and you find birds very interesting, and drawing and depicting these birds even more interesting, two things are obvious. One, you definitely love nature and all nature’s creatures – particularly birds, in this case. Two, you are definitely an art lover, and, possibly, even an artist to be. So, if we were around this rare 13-year-old boy, that you don’t see very often these days, we would have probably told him: you go, son, pursue your dreams, stay as much outside, in the nature, let the beauty of this world overcomes you – perhaps, one day, you’ll find the way to express that beauty through anything you’ll do. Heck, perhaps one day you’ll become a well known artist! So, we weren’t around Jim Starr when he was 13 – and that’s probably a good thing – but he sure pursued his dreams and became a grown man that loves nature, and that loves art. He became an artist. And fruits of his artistry will be on display at Coningsby Gallery during October.

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