Weekly Highlights: September 21 - 27

September 28, 2015

Banksy’s Dismaland? Yet again? Didn’t that show finish already? It did? Then why is it still all over the news? Well, that’s just Banksy for you. Can’t get rid of the guy (or girl?) even if you tried. His depressing theme park is now officially closed, and according to the latest news, once it’s dismantled, it will be used to build shelters for immigrants in the port of Calais in Northern France. That Dismaland is a true beneficiary of many is also proved by the fact that it brought about $30 million to the citizens of Weston-super-Mare, a small resort in Somerset that was depressing even before it was taken over by the festival of the dismal.

When it’s not all about Banksy shocking the world with his pop-up bemusement parks, other artists get the chance to do something provocative too. In fact, many of them have done it long before the graffiti artist, and in one fun article we sum up the ten most interesting pieces of art can still shock people, asking ourselves whether their impact is still as strong. We also tried out your sensibility by presenting your favourite comic book characters in quite unusual and very sexy situations. On a slightly more serious note, among the exhibitions that caught your attention, there were two extraordinary shows. One consisting of 13 Berlin-based artists who traveled to Paris and the other of Lisa Wright, a talented painter of childhood.

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The End of Banksy’s Dismaland

And so, the bemusement park of irony that took over the headlines around the world is closing. It’s been a month since Banksy stunned everyone with his Dismaland, revitalising the small town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset to the point of a proper renaissance. As this temporary installation is slowly getting through its last day of existence – it officially closes on September 27th – the numbers are in, and with them they bring a touch of irony. The exhibition condemning capitalism is said to have been visited by more than 150,000 visitors from around the planet, all the while generating some $30 million for the resort town and its residents, who are more than sad to see it go.

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Artworks That Shocked The World

When we talk about shocking art, we usually refer to artworks that managed to insult someone. Because the very nature of art, asking of artists to explore a great variety of topics, it is only inevitable that a part of them will deal with concepts like religion and sex. Others will shock simply because they’re daring, brave, or because they like to push some buttons. Ever since Courbet’s L’Origine du monde or Duchamp’s Fontaine, the world witnessed many pieces of the arts which caused quite a stir, and when it comes to shocking Contemporary art, we can’t not talk about the Sensation exhibition, which took place at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in autumn of 1997, before touring to Berlin and New York. With artworks on loan from Charles Saatchi’s collection, the show was like the meeting point of everyone who had a lot of that “viewers discretion”.

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Sexy Superheroes

Because love and sex are an inevitable part of our lives, and art depicts life, there are times when our superheroes do end up making out, as part of their story. For those expecting to see full-on nudity, I suggest you give it up now, as publishers as Marvel or DC rarely go further than TV-14, meaning the most you will see is, say, a sideboob. While some couples couldn’t be more obvious, like Batman and Catwoman, who usually end up having sex on top of a building (and it takes a while, since their tight latex costumes are a bit hard to take off) we also got Superman and Wonder Woman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yeah, I know) and Angel, Harley Quinn and Deadshot of the Suicide Squad, Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre, Wolverine and Domino, and so on. While the official comic book art makers need to stay within the boundaries of not revealing too much, some others absolutely do not, and one of them is Greg Guillemin.

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Berlin Artists in Paris

There is something magical in the capital of Germany. Among all of its other qualities and appealing, that are bringing millions of tourists every year, Berlin is usually being called “the graffiti Mecca”, and the center of the urban art world. It all started with a small street art movements back in the seventies in West Berlin, and now the street art is everywhere, on almost every wall. Berlin also has that unique spirit that is immensely fruitful for the artists of all kind. Artists love Berlin, the capital of Germany is their muse, and it’s no wonder that it is a home for countless number of artists. And the Mathgoth gallery from Paris had recognized this and during September and October it will present artworks of more than a dozen artists that live and work in Berlin, at an exhibition named Made in Berlin.

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