What is Minimal Embodies the Most

October 31, 2014

Those seemingly ephemeral moments in our lives have the power to radically change the course of existential journey. A young man, a painter from Korea, came to Paris in 1961, to participate in an UNESCO sponsored competition. Upon arrival, the young artist realized that the competition had been postponed. It was the decision to stay in Paris for a while and appreciate the work of Art Informel artists which, in a way, determined the artist’s career. That young man is now known as the respected artist Park Seo-Bo, whose work is returning to Paris, with the mesmerizing “Ecriture” series…

What is Minimal Embodies the Most
Park Seo-Bo

The Art of Park Seo-Bo

Park Seo-Bo is a renowned artist who had acquired his art degree from the Department of Western Painting of the College of Fine Arts of Hongik University. At this institution, the artist became the Dean of the College of Fine Arts. The work of Park Seo-Bo part of the collections of such cultural institutions as FNAC (Fonds National d’Art Contemporain), Seoul Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and Fukuoka Art Museum in Japan. In addition, the artist has been part of many solo exhibitions in Venice, Paris, Rome, Liverpool, as well as across Korea. The art of Park Seo-Bo has often and widely been perceived as Minimalist. However, it is in the creative process of the artist’s approach to the subject matter where the distinction with Western Minimalism can be seen (take a look at our interesting list of 10 Minimalist Artists). The notions which the artist addresses are in relation to the context of presence, a form of giving oneself work, thus being a part of a whole. In this regard, the artist’s reference to his own work, “what is minimal embodies the most, “ becomes understandable. (if you are interested in finding more about minimalism in art, read our article Minimalist Tendencies in Street Art).

What is Minimal Embodies the Most
Park SEO-BO, "Ecriture (描法)No.110830", 2011

The Ecriture Series

Referring to a body of work as “the journey of the hand,” Park Seo-Bo created a series of pieces which will become known as the “Ecriture” series. The early works represent a methodology which incorporated the painting of a canvas in light gray and cream-colored oil paints, through which the artist drew continuous lines with a pencil on the wet surface. This was meant to be a process which shows how physical and repetitive acts can convey that which is spiritual. The later works represent a focus on the utilization of hanji, traditional Korean paper, which enabled the artist to create three dimensional imagery. As time went on, the works introduced a structure which differed from that of previous years. It had been focused on more strict vertical elements. The public in Paris will have a chance to see the work of the artist during the weeks to come…

What is Minimal Embodies the Most
Park SEO-BO, "Ecriture (描法)No.010521", 2001

Exhibition at Galerie Perrotin

Titled like the artist famous series of works, the Ecriture exhibition will be the first time that a solo show dedicated to the work of Park Seo-Bo in Paris. This exhibition will feature 40 works from the “Ecriture” series, thus representing the core concepts of expression by Park Seo-Bo’s career. In the period between November 6th and December 20th 2014, at Galerie Perrotin in Paris, be part of an exhibition which shows the path of a great artist…

What is Minimal Embodies the Most
Park SEO-BO, "Ecriture (描法)No. 920215 ", 1992

All images courtesy Galerie Perrotin (featured image and images in slider: View of the exhibition PARK Seo-Bo “Ecriture”, Galerie Perrotin, Paris)