What Sold at Urban Art Fair in Paris 2017?

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April 23, 2017

Opening its doors on April 19th, the second edition of Urban Art Fair in Paris has served as a meeting point where both expert and amateur art collectors could admire and purchase a carefully curated selection of Urban Art. The fair was packed with collectors and art enthusiasts who enjoyed a fantastic selection of works in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. In terms of sales, we could say that Urban Art Fair has done pretty well.

So let’s take a look at what sold during the second edition of Urban Art Fair in Paris!

Avenue des Arts - Matt Gondek, Pez, Hopare

Avenue des Arts, a gallery from Hong Kong, has sold two pieces by Matt Gondek titled That’s All Folks from 2017 and Krusty Deconstructed from 2017, but also two pieces by Pez titled Hold Up and Perpetual, both from 2017. The gallery has also sold a large-scale piece by a Paris-based growing figure of the street art scene, Hopare.

Bel Air Fine Art - Banksy, Kai

A local gallery from Paris, Bel-Air Fine Art has sold several pieces by BanksyNo Ball Games Grey, Turf War from 2003, Keep it real – red, Trolleys from 2006, and Barcode from 2003 They have also sold several pieces by Kai, a Los Angeles-based artist who spreads the powerful message through his unique style always with social and political context.

Galerie Bertheas Les Tournesols - VLP, Speedy Graphito, Psyckoze 156, Esmaël Bahrani, C215.

A French gallery situated in Paris, Vichy, and St-Étienne for almost 30 years, Galerie Bertheas Les Tournésols was very happy with the turnout of the fair, as well as the sales. They have sold several pieces by VLPSpeedy Graphito, Psyckoze 156, Esmaël Bahrani, and C215.

Galeries Bartoux - Fin Dac, Akhine

A gallery located in France, United Kingdom, New York and Singapore, Galerie Bartoux has sold a piece by an Irish urban street artist Fin Dac titled Yeshua and a piece by Akhine titled Shakti.

Galerie Geraldine Zberro - Seth, Levalet, Seen

Another local gallery from Paris, Galerie Géraldine Zberro has done pretty well. They have sold several pieces by Seth - Skybox, Vortex, Young Atlas of the antipodes, and Sans Titre, several pieces by LevaletLe Grand Soir, Le Sacrement de l’ordre, but also a piece by Seen titled Silver Surfer.

Green Flowers Art - Popay

A gallery located in Boulogne-Billancourt, Green Flowers Gallery has presented several series by Juan Pablo de Ayguavives, known as Popay, a Spanish-native French painter and illustrator. His art was very popular with art collectors and enthusiasts at the fair since the gallery has sold a piece titled Tête IV, from the series Tête where he worked on the dark background, but also several pieces from the series Pavage urbain, and several portraits created with a Rotring pencil.

Galerie Lelia Mordoch - Miss. Tic

A gallery with spaces in Paris and Miami, Galerie Léila Mordoch has sold several pieces by Miss Tic including Avis de coup de foudre sur nos corps météo, Port du cerveau obligatoire, Souriez vous êtes vivants, and Des rêves d’anges hereux. Miss Tic is a pioneering urban artist from Paris known for her stencils of dark haired woman often associated with poetry.

Galerie Openspace - Franco Fasoli, Eric Lacan

A local gallery from Paris, Galerie Openspace has sold a painting by the Argentinian artist Franco Fasoli titled El Agradecido, but also his bronze sculpture titled Self Boycott. The gallery has also sold a piece by Éric Lacan titled La Voisine des oiseaux. While the style of Franco Fasoli, aka Jaz, has evolved from the most classic of porteño traditions, the tango, Éric Lacan is known for his street art combining outdoor collages and detailed paintings of dark, unexpectedly elegant women.

Pretty Portal - Jana & JS

Over at Pretty Portal, a gallery from Dusseldorf, the Austrian-French duo Jana & JS has been very popular with art lovers, since the gallery has sold five pieces by them. Inspired by the city and its architecture and residents, the duo creates portraits and details of architecture, playing with reflections and transparencies.

Urban Spree - Hendrik Czakainski

A Berlin-based gallery dedicated to urban contemporary arts and post-graffiti, Urban Spree has sold Hendrik Czakainski titled 8559 from 2017. This German artist is known for large-scale installations and pieces created from wood, chromolux paper, metal powders or carton. His works are an alchemic representation of a cityscape, where dwellers are immersed in environments which are abstracted, where human presence is almost eradicated, where fractures, walls, conflicts and divides abound.

Vroom and Varossieau - The London Police, Banksy

Coming from Amsterdam, Vroom and Varossieau works with internationally diverse artists ranging from emerging young talent to big and bold names in the field. At the Urban Art Fair, the gallery has sold a piece by the famous collective The London Police titled One Big Healthy Posse and a piece by Banksy titled Morons.

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